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Did You Know...

... that the A Class leaderboard was shaken up after three rounds?

No changes in the AAA Class: Winner Thunder
posted Jun 22nd, 2013 - Things are happening quickly in Canada this year. The 4way teams in the Quebec/Montreal area just completed their first competition of the 2013 season last weekend at Parachute Montreal, and the next meet is already on its way this weekend at NouvelAir, the home of Evolution. The NSL Sun Path News tries to keep up with the Canadian action and finishes up last weekend's competition before the first scores of the new meet weekend will be posted on the next leaderboard.

Last weekend's leaderboard once again needed some adjustments due to the different number of completed rounds at the different locations. Nothing changed on the AAA Class leaderboard where only teams from the Netherlands and Canada competed with each other. Fuzion and Runway 4 completed seven rounds, while the Dutch AAA Class teams finished the complete 10-round meet.

The overall rankings in the AA Class would have been slightly different after the two only rounds that Miami Exuberance completed in Homestead, Florida.

Les 25 PointsSuperfun
Still in A Class 1st place: Dutch team Paradocks
The A Class leaderboard had the biggest differences and changes between the ten rounds in the Netherlands and the three rounds at Skydive City in Florida. Almost nothing is the same if only the first three rounds count.

In fact, there are only four of the 12 teams who were in the same positions after three and ten rounds, the A Class winner on the very top of the leaderboard and three teams on the bottom. The rankings are showing the previous placements and the positions after the three rounds that all A Class teams completed.

The adjusted A Class leaderboard is also showing how close the field was last weekend. The three highscores for the three rounds were posted by three different teams between the 1st place and the 9th place. The Netherlands won two rounds, and Superfun won one round for Canada.

June 15th, 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3TotalAvg
RankA ClassA,N,BL,K,719,JTotalAvg
1(1)Paradocks (NL)1187268.7
2(4)Superfun (CA)1069258.3
3(2)Bad Habits (NL)978248.0
4(5)Zunday (US)1076237.7
4(8)Les 25 Points (CA)887237.7
5(6)Gravity Abuse (NL)1066227.3
5(7)Dimension (NL)976227.3
5(10)Charlie's Angels (CA)976227.3
9(3)Angry Birds (NL)398206.7
9(9)TNT (NL)1064206.7
11(11)Les Cocogri (CA)1031144.7
12(12)Shinobi (NL)434113.7
From 10th to 5th place: Charlie's Angels
Charlie's Angels benefitted most of all A Class teams from the new standings after three rounds and moved up from 10th to 5th place. It turned out the opposite way for the Dutch Angry Birds, who dropped from 3rd to 9th place on the adjusted overall leaderboard.

The Angry Birds won the bronze medals at the Tomscat Trophy after a consistent 10-round performance. Only the slow start with the 3-pointer in Round 1 caused the lower ranking after three rounds.

The new NSL-TV videos feature the two best A Class teams last weekend at Parachute Montreal, Superfun and Les 25 Points. The Canadian team in 2nd place of the leaderboard at Parachute Montreal missed the 25 of the team name by two points last weekend. The new opportunity is now coming up at NouvelAir.

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