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Did You Know...

... that the Perris Fury videos of the Valentine's Meet raise a big question?

Scores of the Valentine's Meet 2009
posted Feb 23rd, 2009 - The scores of the Valentine's Meet 2009 on the front page have now been replaced by the indoor results of the tunnel competition in North Carolina. However, the coverage of the season opener on the west coast is far from over, as the NSL News had already promised earlier to follow up with more information and videos.

The NSL News covered the Valentine's Meet 2009, first with a few previews, and then with updates on the actual meet weekend. Airspeed Odyssey's Center Outside Craig Girard helped to keep the leaderboard up-to-date round by round, while he was competing with his team.

The story on 18 February 2009 provided an update of the duel between the reigning 4-way world champions from Arizona and the challenger from California, Perris Fury. Both teams want to win this year's USPA Nationals and qualify as the US national team for the World Meet 2010 in Russia.

Perris Fury beats Airspeed Odyssey in Round 3 - see video
Niklas Daniel before a jump...
Perris Fury now provided the NSL News with the team's competition videos. Christy Frikken sent the footage to DeLand where it has been processed and uploaded. Fury's ten rounds can now be viewed on NSL-TV. Craig Girard said that the Airspeed footage will also be provided, and the NSL News will follow up with these videos as soon as possible.

Christy Frikken said that Fury's videographer Niklas Daniel was filming his former team for the last time in Eloy. The NSL News had already reported on 13 January 2009 that Perris Fury is looking for a new team videographer. Niklas Daniel delivered another flawless performance as his farewell gift for Fury.

The NSL News was especially curious to see the video of Round 10. Craig Girard had mentioned that Perris Fury lost two points in this round. Christy Frikken did not explain the situation when the NSL News asked what happened. She saved it as a surprise for the video review.

Perris Fury scores a 12-pointer in Round 10 - see video
...and in action
Airspeed Odyssey won eight of the ten rounds and was 18 points ahead of Perris Fury after ten rounds. The review of Fury's ten rounds makes it difficult most of the time to imagine how Airspeed could go 18 points faster than Fury.

There were not too many situations where Fury was slowed down to a pace that would result in an 18-point difference at the end of the meet. Fury missed only one completion of a block (Block 18 in Round 5), and the flow was interrupted once by a brainlock.

Then there was Round 10, of course, where Perris Fury lost six points in one round, and the NSL-TV audience can look for two infringements in this video, as much as the quality of the video allows for a proper judgement call.

Valentine's Meet 2009
Perris Fury

Six points in Round 10, another point or two in Round 5, another one in Round 8 would add up to a total of possibly ten points that Perris Fury lost in the meet. Airspeed Odyssey would still be eight points ahead and also lost additional nine points due to video issues and penalties. Hopefully, the Airspeed videos will be available for the NSL News audience soon to bring the answer to the main question: how did Airspeed Odyssey do this?

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