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Did You Know...

... that Perris Fury has an open video slot?

Canopy Pilot Niklas Daniel
posted Jan 13th, 2009 - The NSL News reported on 8 January 2009 what Perris Fury has planned for the 2009 season. The article included a note that mentioned the team's videographer of 2008, Niklas Daniel:

"Niklas Daniel is now on camera for Fury and continues in 2009, Thomas Hughes took the center inside slot at the Paraclete XP Money Meet 2008."

The NSL News now received a correction from Perris. Niklas Daniel is not with Fury any longer. He has recently retired from Fury, so he can pursue Canopy Piloting and Freeflying "...and a bunch of other cool things", as Christy Frikken explained in the message.

The world class team from Perris does not have a new videographer yet and is now searching for a new team member on camera for the 2009 season. The Fury members sent a "job description" with the update.

Open video slot in Perris

Got Video? Be a part of our team!

Perris Fury has been a successful, professional 4-way team for over four years. We anticipate winning the USPA Nationals next year and are looking for a video guy or gal to represent the United States with us.

The person we are looking for is as dedicated to camera as we are to our 4-way. As with the rest of the teammates, we need someone who is fun, excited and positive. Experience is wonderful, but enthusiasm and attitude are more important. We are willing to train anyone who has the drive for excellence. Hired guns are not a good fit.

Perris Fury believes the video person is a total teammate and wants someone who is willing to share in our successes and daily challenges. We understand the higher costs and unique nature of this position and do our best to accommodate and integrate our camera person.

As our success grows, Fury receives many benefits including free and discounted equipment and loads of free skydives. As our camera person, you will have prime opportunities to film many of Perris' great events like the Fury8 teams and big ways.

Our camera person is welcome to participate in of our growing business as much as desired. You can also expect to be our first choice when it comes to filming the teams we coach and organize.

Perris Fury schedules approximately 100 training jumps a month, almost entirely midweek, making about 1,200 jumps through the entire season. Our schedule is available for the 2009 season.

For further information or to indicate your interest, talk with any member of Fury, or e-mail.

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