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Did You Know...

... that it was a slow start of the second half at the World Challenge 2013?

Brother James and sister Katie Woods
posted Apr 6th, 2013 - The second day of the World Challenge 2013 began with another technically challenging 3-block sequence, a very different start compared to the super fast start of the first day.

The NSL-TV coverage also changed procedures to accommodate all Top 10 teams at the beginning of the day. The a.team4way from Russia has been holding the 10th position most of the time so far and is in the flying chamber earlier than the other Top 10 teams. The NSL-TV camera was in the chamber earlier this time to include the second Russian team in the Top 10 of the current leaderboard.

a.team4way has to work hard to defend the position since Dubai Asaar Black is charging and only three points behind. At the same time, the Qatar Tigers are only three points ahead and in reach for the Russian team.

Morning Show with Joey JonesRound 6
Sister Katya Kharitonova and brother Andrew Kharitonov
More family relations are making the news. Katie Woods has a younger brother James who is competing with Hyrrokkin this weekend. His team has moved up into the AAA Class this year, and his sister has a lot of good advice for him. He wants to follow her example and become a 4way world champion too. First his sister, then himself...

The day began with a workout for the NSL News. The Qatar delegation was in the gym for the physical part of the meet preparations, and Evolution members were warming up in different ways, too.

The NSL News Morning Show with Joey Jones was next. SDC Rhythm XP members Christie Frikken, JaNette and Steve Lefkowitz had a few minutes for Joey Jones before it was time to get ready for Round 1.

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