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Did You Know...

... that British security is on highest Fun Flag alert?

Pro Team Extended with 12-year young Kalle Pohjola
posted Apr 4th, 2013 - Thursday's NSL News live coverage of the World Challenge 2013 continues with teams that may not be so much in the spotlight during the competition, when the top of the leaderboard catches most of the attention.

The NSL News featured Kalle Pohjola earlier today, the 12-year young 4way competitor from Finland who flies the Tail slot for the Pro Team. Father Kimmo is the team's Center Outside, and mother Outi is across of the formations in the Point slot.

The NSL Reality TV camera captured more of Kalle's performance and zoomed in on him while he was turning points. Rookie Class opponent Panik from Italy was in the flying chamber during the same session and presented a more realistic preview of Rookie Class competition. Kalle Pohjola could end up with 25+ average...

Paraclete XP delegation at the World Challenge 2013
Another family situation presented itself by coincidence at the same time. The Pro Team Extended shared the training session with an AAA/Open Class 4way team and a Freeflying 2way team, Paraclete XP4 and Antigravity XP.

The XP4 lineup at the World Challenge 2013 includes John D'Annunzio in the Point slot and Center Inside Kirk Verner. Reigning 4way world champion Josh Hall is the team's Center Outside, and reigning 8way world champion Brian "BK" Krause flies the Tail.

Antigravity XP consists of Josh D'Annunzio, John's younger brother, and Alex Verner, Kirk's son. They grew up in the flying chamber and have won several indoor events before. The teenager team has very good chances to bring home the £1,500 for the 1st place in Bedford.

Lost the Fun Flag: Katie Woods...
Former Arizona Airspeed Point Josh Hall could not commit to the Paraclete XP8 plans for the 2013 season. At least he was able to join the XP4 lineup for the World Challenge 2013. The US team will surely be in the mix for the Top 4 positions in the AAA/Open Class.

Josh Hall also has a very prominent position at Bodyflight Bedford's FlowHouse. The large wall behind the surfing area features a 4way team in action, and a green helmet stands out. It is Arizona Airspeed, and Josh Hall had the green helmet in 2011 and 2012. Bodyflight Bedford is actually XL's home, and the green helmet could also be Pete Allum, but it's not...

Evolution member Katie Woods brought sad news from Canada. She had a very precious item in her luggage, and it got lost during the customs inspections at the London airport. British security is now on high alert, as the loss of the most important part of skydiving competition might cause riots in the streets. The worldwide search for the Fun Flag has begun...

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