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Did You Know...

... that NSL Reality TV shows the Pro Team family from Finland in training action?

Back on the bench: Jeroen 'Bob' Nollet
posted Apr 4th, 2013 - Round 1 of the World Challenge 2013 is coming closer, and is ready to post the first scores tomorrow morning. The largest leaderboard in the history of NSL News event coverage has been set up and shows the complete field.

The new NSL Reality TV clip from Bedford is featuring several exciting things happening on Thursday morning at Bodyflight Bedford. It includes the first videos of teams in the flying chamber.

NMP-PCH Hayabusa had a training session with coach Gary Smith. Alternate Jeroen 'Bob' Nollet is back on the bench after Andy Grauwels has completely recovered from his stomach surgery. The video shows that Hayabusa has not lost any speed or energy in the meantime. Coach Gary Smith was wearing his jumpsuit for a good reason. He was flying training sessions with Bob Nollet who tries to keep as current as possible while his team doesn't need him.

Visitor at the World Challenge 2010: Kalle Pohjola
XL also added flying time to this year's lineup which is identical with the one at the World Challenge 2007. The NSL Reality TV camera also captured a few sequences of XL performance.

Thunder was done with an earlier training session, and the NSL News entered the top floor with the flying chamber just in time to meet NMP-PCH Hayabusa for the team's last training session that they shared with XL.

Two teams from Finland and the VAF Warriors from Denmark were training at the same time. The Heroes of the Arctic Circle have signed up for the A Class competition, while the extended Pro Team lineup is registered for the Rookie Class.

In Pro Team Extended action this week
The NSL News mentioned on 29 January 2013 that Pro Team member Juho Mikkola is bringing three other Heroes of the Arctic Circle (Petri Mastola, Pertti Enberg, Emilia Koskimaa) from Finland's far north to the World Challenge 2013.

His Pro Team mate Kimmo Pohlola is also in Bedford and brought his wife Outi, son Kalle and Pro Team member of 2010, Eija Suvala, for the extended Pro Team lineup. Kalle Pohjola is flying in the Tail slot, and the video shows that he is perfoming like a pro.

It would not be a surprise to see the Pro Team Extended on the top of the leaderboard in the Rookie Class. It will be Kalle's first competition after a few previous trips to Bedford as an observer. He was also at the Mondial 2012 in Dubai as a visitor with his parents. Father Kimmo Pohjola was coaching the Silver Knights in Dubai.

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