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Did You Know...

... that Denmark has a large delegation at the World Challenge 2013?

AirPlay at the World Challenge 2012
posted Mar 12th, 2013 - The NSL News reported on 8 March 2013 that a team from Denmark, the VAF Warriors, have signed up for the Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship 2013, which begins this Friday in DeLand.

The story introduced the team's lineup and the history of the members. The VAF Warriors are one of several teams in Denmark who are re-grouping in different lineups. It seems as if only one Danish team is coming back with exactly the same lineup as in 2012.

AirPlay started as a player coach lineup in the A Class of 2011 (Kjetil Nordin, Maria Ondracek, Nathalie Maggie Kressner, Lars Rena Pedersen). The Danish team, with Norway's former national competitor Kjetil Nordin guiding the team, moved up into the AA Class in 2012 and into the AAA/Open Class later the same year. The 2013 season is AirPlay's second year in the AAA Class with the same lineup.

Denmark's national team of 2012: Bodyflight Voluntas
AirPlay also has videographer Mie Jusjong back on camera after an injury last year shortly before the national championships. The team's player coach format has now been replaced by external coaching after Kjetil Nordin's team mates have caught up to an even performance level. AirPlay has hired both Seth Ericsson of Sweden's national team Bardagi and XL member Steve Hamilton to work with the team this year.

Denmark has re-formatted the country's whole support system of Formation Skydiving competition, which has produced two sets of bronze medals at World Championships of Formation Skydiving in 1993 and 1995. The Danish Parachute Union decided last year that there should be a change in how the most promising teams and competitors will be supported.

The committee in charge, with five current competitors from four different teams, have worked on this task since October 2012. Denmark will not have the three supported project teams of the past years any longer. There will now be a group of ten selected competitors who are supposed to benefit from each other.

Danish Nationals 2012Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
RankAAA Class1,13,192,H,1622,17,G20,O,1510,B,D,128,K,11E,M,5,4L,6,21Q,3,9F,14,P,JTotalAvg
1Bodyflight Voluntas (DK)1212141415131916202015515.5
2Veyron (DK)814121212111512121512312.3
3Airplay (DK)911111211111212151411811.8
4Danish Divas (DK)101110111371513101611611.6
5Chute ME (INT)10910118111312131411111.1
6Contrails (DK)778889791212878.7
7Blue Motion (DK)367847711610696.9
New project lineup: Steam
The group of ten competitors will begin with training in two lineups. The selection process is similar to the one that Norway used to apply when the small country in Scandinavia generated world class competitors year after year, including a qualification weekend with physical tests and interviews. The final format of the new Danish support system was not finalized early enough to be an option for all competitors in Denmark this year. The project will start off with only one lineup in 2013.

Steam is the name of the new project team, and the first four members of the active lineup are Stefan Rosenberg (Veyron), Mia Bjerre-Jepsen (Blue Motion), Peter Straede and Hans Oksen (Contrails).

This lineup is not Denmark's official national team at the moment. The DFU Cup in May will be the qualification event, and several new Danish lineups will try to get to their top performance level early enough. However, Steam has already decided to take more time to build up the team and aims at a successful showing at the Danish Nationals 2013 in July.

The field of other teams includes Copenhagen Air Experience with one new member. Nanna Storberg Drasbeck replaces Danny Olsen and joins Alyona Shevchuk, Reinis Rutentals and Emil L.G. Kristensen.

There are also rumors that former Bodyflight Voluntas members of different lineups (Ulrik Hogsberg, Brian Gregersen, Kasper Svanekier, Kenneth Gajda) may get together for the national championships and give all other teams a run for the national 4way title.

The VAF Warriors will be the first Danish team posting scores this year, with coach Solly Williams in the lineup at the Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship 2013. AirPlay and VAF Warriors will then fight it out directly at the World Challenge 2013 in Bedford where AirPlay also competed last year in the AA Class.

World Challenge 2012Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
RankAA Class Teams9,6F,A,13E,8,2021,14J,2,7D,K,18H,L,G,15P,O,B,4Q,19,122,M,NTotalAvg
1Hyrrokkin (UK)1918131117161120141615515.5
2DNOUT (IT)1918101317151322151215415.4
3Airplay (DK)1214131215141715151314014.0
AirPlay AAA Class lineup unchanged
Denmark has five teams registered for the World Challenge 2013, which is the highest number after the United Kingdom, together with Ireland. AirPlay and VAF Warriors compete in the AAA Class, AirPlay Blue in the A Class and AirPlay Feathers in the Rookie Class. Three members of the Danish Vivas (Kate Cooper-Jensen, Maria Brogger and Kathrine Pontoppidan) are joining forces with Steam member Mia Bjerre-Jepsen for the female 4way category at this year's event.

The AirPlay members are guiding the two other AirPlay lineups through the meet in Bedford, Kjetil Nordin and Maria Ondracek with Airplay Blue, Nathalie Maggie Kressner and Lars Rena Pedersen with AirPlay Feathers.

The Danish teams this year have quite international lineups, with members from Latvia and Ukraine (Copenhagen Air Experience), Sweden and Norway (AirPlay and Feathers), USA (Danish Divas). The former Voluntas members Kenneth Gajda (USA) and Ulrik Hogsberg (Norway) are residing in other countries. There will also be a Danish competitor on an international mission in Bedford. Henrik Sternberg is a member of AAA Class team International Relations...

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