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Did You Know...

... that Brian Ball is Arizona Divewerkz' new Center Inside?

Arizona Divewerkz of 2008
posted Feb 3rd, 2009 - It was a coincidence that the NSL News had just posted an update on 30 January 2009 covering SDC Rhythm XP when other news arrived that related to the same topic.

The new update came from Arizona where the NSL News has followed Arizona Divewerkz on the team's way from the first year in the Southwest Skydiving League to becoming the best "amateur team" in the USA in 2008.

SDC Rhythm and Arizona Divewerkz have a few things in common. Both teams have won USPA's Advanced Class gold medals, AZDW in 2006, Rhythm in 2008, both teams continued in the Open Class, and both teams were looking for a new team member at the end of the 2008 season.

The NSL News reported the SDC Rhythm XP situation on 5 November 2008: "The Center Inside of 2008, Brian Ball, will not be able to commit to the 2009 schedule, and CSC Rhythm XP is looking for a new team engine." Rhythm member JaNette Lefkowitz added: "Brian is not joining us next year, so Steve, Laurent and I are beginning to look for a fourth teammate. We'd like to decide on someone by mid December and start training as early as January."

Fastrax Blue with new member Annie Peterson
The story on 12 December 2008 broke the news that Annie Peterson of Arizona Divewerkz had joined Fastrax Blue to become the US national team in the female category for the World Meet in 2010. AZDW member Blane Boynton confirmed the situation for the NSL News on 24 December 2008 and said that his team will continue, as the NSL News reported:

"Blane Boynton hopes that his team will be able to follow up soon with an exciting announcement of the new team member. He expects that it will take only a few weeks until the new linep for the 2009 season will be complete. Then the AZDW 2009 lineup will make plans for the new season and share the news with the 4-way community."

Arizona Divewerkz 2009 lineup with Brian Ball
SDC Rhythm XP followed up with news of the new team member, Rob Radez, already on 18 December 2008, while Arizona Divewerkz was obviously still looking for the new Center Inside. AZDW now followed up with news from the west coast, which reported the successful completion of the team's 2009 lineup, as well. Arizona Divewerkz and SDC Rhythm XP now have one more thing in common - the team member in the Center Inside position.

AZDW's Blane Boynton informed the NSL News that last year's Rhythm member Brian Ball has joined the Divewerkz lineup:

"Arizona Divewerkz is pleased to announce the finalization of the team roster for the 2009 competition season. After a strong finish in 2008 we look forward to another successful year of formation skydiving accomplishment and to our services for the FS community. Divewerkz has asked Brian Ball, formerly of 2008 USPA Nationals Advanced Class champions CSC Rhythm, to join the team as a full member. We feel that Brian's direct experience in the Inside Center position as well as Rhythm’s strong finish in 2008 make him an excellent choice for the slot. We are confident that with this change, our team will be able to continue performing in competition and giving back to our FS community."

CSC Rhythm XP at the USPA Nationals 2008
Blane Boynton said that the loss of Annie Peterson was a difficult situation for the team: "She has been a full time participant and a founding member since the 2004 line-up. We wish Annie the best in her future endeavors and feel strongly she was the top girl available for the open Fastrax slot."

His team is now looking forward to the AZDW activities after finding in Brian Ball what the AZDW members were looking for:

"Brian’s position as a full time working professional and accomplished pro-am skydiver is key to supporting the Divewerkz message. We wish to continue showing the skydiving community that 'ordinary' people can accomplish extraordinary results when dedication, drive and enthusiasm exist to do so."

Blane Boynton with one of the AZDW project teams
The AZDW members were pleased to learn of Brian Ball's acceptance on Friday, January 30th, and the team is now in the process of planning and scheduling for the 2009 season. Blane Boynton said that Divewerkz plans to increase the team's contribution to the FS community through expansion of the Mentor Camp Program in coordination with Skydive Arizona and Skyventure Arizona throughout the 2009 season:

"We have already scheduled nine AZDW Mentor Camp weekends. Four of these camps will be synchronized with Arizona Skydiving League meets. One of the AZSL meets may be held in the SkyVenture Arizona wind tunnel. Our training season will start in earnest in the month of April once Brian is cleared to jump as a result of a shoulder injury rehab currently in progress."

Annie Peterson used to manage the Arizona Skydiving League activities, as well. AZDW's Tail, Cindy Nieves, will fill this slot from here on. The AZSL 2009 season will begin with the traditional Valentine's Meet in Eloy. The other meet dates of the 2009 season will be posted very soon.

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