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Did You Know...

... that the NSL SkyVenture Competition results of the May 28 weekend are posted?

NSL SkyVenture Competition
posted Jun 5th, 2005 - The results of NSL SkyVenture Competition on the May 28 weekend are now available. The handicapped scores of the May 21 weekend are still on a hold due to a little flaw in the program that calculates the handicapped results for the NSL SkyVenture Competition. This flaw relates only to meets where teams competed at earlier meets of a different league.

The results of the May 28 weekend were calculated after four rounds in the AAA Class and also the AA Class, after three rounds in the A Class. The Southwest Skydiving League completed all six rounds, while the Georgia Skydiving League competition was stopped earlier due to inclement weather.

Perris Fury exit
Perris Fury with Dan BC (Inside Center), Christy Frikken (Outside Center), Josh Hall (Point), Uli Steuwe (Tail) and Karen Lewis (Video) took the first place before handicap in the AAA Class with an 18.0 meet average. Perris Fury had already posted a 16.0 average in the SSL March meet and improved the team's average significantly. Unfortunately for the Perris team, only the average after the first four rounds (16.5) counted for the NSL SkyVenture Competition that weekend, and Perris Fury ended up in third place after handicap.
Perris Storm :-)
The PNF 4-way veterans of the Georgia Skydiving League took the second place by 0.25 points over Perris Fury after increasing the team's meet average from 12.5 to 13.2 between the first and second GSL 2005 meets. The first place and the SkyVenture Orlando prize of 30 free minutes of tunnel time went to the busiest team of the 2005 season, Perris Storm.

The SSL team with Mike Anderson (Point), Dominic Guzman (Inside Center), Andi McKnew (Tail), Bill Morrison (Outside Center) and Don Simonds (Video) was featured in the NSL News story of March 3, 2005, when Perris Storm had just competed at its first meet of the 2005 season, the SSL Valentine's Meet 2005.

Perris Storm seriously...
Storm had already caught on the 4-way fire, no matter what the early scores in the AAA Class meant to them. The team launched the 2005 season with a 10.3 average in February and copied this result in March on Perris home turf. By now, Perris Storm is the only AAA Class team in the world that has already attended four 4-way competitions in 2005.

The Perris Storm training and competition practice materialized already in the third SSL meet of the 2005 season where the Storm average went up by more than two points (12.5) in Eloy. The May 28 meet in Elsinore elevated the AAA Class team once again to a new scoring level with the peak of the 2005 progression (10.3 - 10.3 - 12.5 - 13.5). The first place in the NSL SkyVenture Competition is a well deserved reward for Storm's great efforts.

Elsinore Equinox exit
The AA Class had a busy team winning the handicapped competition, as well. Elsinore Equinox, SSL representative and silver medalist at the NSL Championship 2004, took the first place in the team's third meet of the 2004 season (8.2 - 9.7 - 10.5). Rob Cope (Point), Steve Mischo (Tail), Don Mullenix (Inside Center), Kevin Thompson (Outside Center) and Rick Schindler (Video) will also receive a 30-minute certificate from SkyVenture Orlando.
Elsinore Alloy exit
The AA Class competition for free tunnel timer was much closer compared to the AAA Class. Elsinore Alloy was only shortly behind Equinox after the four rounds that counted in the AA Class. Elsinore Alloy with player coach John Hamilton (Outside Center), Morgan Dunn (Tail), Terry Seaworth (Inside Center), Caitie Unkovic (Point) and Pat Newman (Video), is the current leader in the national NSL Rankings of the AA Class with an 11.1 season average. Alloy took the first place before handicap at the May 28 meet with a 12.2 meet average after all six rounds in Elsinore.

The last SkyVenture Orlando 30-minute certificate of the same meet weekend goes to a team of the Georgia Skydiving League. Two GSL teams took the first two places in the A Class competition. Club won after three rounds in Georgia and before handicap with a 7.0 average in the team's first meet.

Last Minute attended the team's second 2005 meet and improved the team performance significantly from 2.0 to 5.3 meet averages. That was more than enough to leave the rest of the A Class field that weekend in the dust. Below is the overview of the NSL SkyVenture Competition results on the May 28 meet weekend.

May 28th, 2005Rnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4AvgTotalSkyVentureSkyVenture
RankAAA ClassL D M 22F O 14 1813 J 56 21 20AvgTotalHandicapScore
1Perris StormSSL1513101212.5501.3969.50
3Perris FurySSL1817161516.5661.0066.00
4Elsinore GravitySSL1412141214.5871.1961.88
5Perris Katalyst IIISSL1411121112.0481.2760.96
7Element PerrisSSL141112912.7761.2758.42
RankAA ClassL D M 22F O 1413 J 186 21AvgTotalHandicapScore
1Elsinore EquinoxSSL11129910.3411.1948.79
2Elsinore AlloySSL121391011.0441.0747.08
4Arizona DivewerkzSSL131210911.0441.0044.00
5Perris QuestSSL46444.5181.8533.30
RankA ClassL D MF O 19J K C6 21AvgTotalHandicapScore
1Last MinuteGSL637-5.3161.9130.56
2Club Stiletto.comGSL786-7.0211.0021.00
4Elsinore O.S.SSL032-1.751.919.55
54 Play - GSLGSL011-0.721.593.18
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