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Did You Know...

... that Arizona Airspeed has the lead after Round 1?

Sole leader after Round 1: Arizona Airspeed
posted Nov 29th, 2012 - It is finally time for action at the Mondial 2012 - and it is a lot of action.

It is difficult to keep up with all events at a Mondial, and the NSL News will naturally focus mostly on the four Formation Skydiving events, even though Skydive Dubai's dropzone is busier than ever before. The first scores have been posted, and Aerodyne Aerokart came out of the gates with a very impressive 26-pointer.

The meet management has sent the 4way teams first who will also compete in 8way later today. This means that the French 4way world champions did their Round 1 much earlier than Arizona Airspeed and NMP-PCH Hayabusa. The teams are jumping in the order of the results at the last World Meet in Menzelinsk 2010, which puts Hayabusa and Airspeed at the very end of the line for Round 1.

Gary Smith with Jeremie Rollett and Solly Williams
Hayabusa coach Gary Smith predicted before Round 1 that the sequence would be challenging for less trained teams like Whooops from the Netherlands, and he expected France to do well in Round 1.

Both statements turned out to be true after a quick look at the current leaderboard. He also said that Hayabusa will like the sequence...

Hayabusa speaker Roy Janssen said that his team was fit and in good spirits going into Round 1. He was glad to see that the NSL News audience has trust in his team's performance, as Hayabusa was slightly ahead of Airspeed at the latest poll results. He also confirmed that his team likes the competition draw.

Eliana Rodriguez and Lise Nansen
Italy's 4way team Ex3mo had bad luck right before the competition. Placido Udine was in a car crash and is badly injured. Pete Allum is filling the slot, and the team wished "Paci" well in the latest NSL Reality TV clip.

Lise Nansen is the alternate for Polaris and visits Dubai for the first time. Martial Ferre is filming the meet action to make his famous and unique videos from the French perspective. He promised the NSL News to share the footage once again.

Sky Panthers Barkli's 8way lineup begins the meet without Leonid Kazinets who had important business meetings in Russia. The Sky Panthers have an alternate who can surely fill the slot. Evgeni Stachenko is one of the members of the legendary Russian 8way world champion project of 2001 and 2003. He is currently training and competing with Black Cat and is now in the air for Round 1 in 8way.

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