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Did You Know...

... that the Perris Fury comeback is now on NSL-TV?

posted Sep 17th, 2008 - Two meets were on last weekend's NSL agenda. The scores from Brazil were already posted on the weekend. The national team CTR Optimum won the national championship without a problem and had the top position of the AAA Class leaderboard until the scores from Perris, California, came in.

The last meet of the Southern California Skydiving League 2008 season in Perris was the comeback competition for Perris Fury's Center Inside, Chris Farina. The NSL News story on 11 September 2008 provided the details of the Perris Fury situation after his injury in May this year.

The same story included a link to a video that showed Perris Fury's original lineup already back in action during a windtunnel training camp at Paraclete XP in Raeford.

Southern California Skydiving League 2008 Meet 4 at Perris Valley Skydiving
Perris Fury exit with Chris Farina
Now it was time for the Perris team to test the waters at an outdoor competition on home turf, which was probably the last Fury opportunity for competition practice before the USPA National 2008 in Eloy in October. The scores are posted, and Fury provided the two videos of the fastest rounds of the meet.

The original lineup, with Chris Farina (Inside Center), Christy Frikken (Outside Center), Josh Hall (Point), Uli Steuwe (Tail) and Niklas Daniel on camera, posted the highest score, a 27-pointer for F-P-G-O-4, in Round 3. Then they followed up with a 25-pointer in Round 5 (J-E-A-17). Final result was a 21.3 average after six rounds.

The 21.3 average doesn't sound like a result that could win the USPA Nationals this year. However, Perris Fury is pretty much back to where the team was in May this year - after a serious injury of the Center Inside and a long break.

Perris Fury's Round 3 at the SCSL September meet - see video
Fury tunnel action with Chris Farina
Fury had started the 2008 season with a 19.5 average at the Valentine's Meet 2008 and followed up with a 26.2 average at the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2008 in March. However, that was an extremely fast 6-round competition draw for the Perris team that could not stay in DeLand for the completion of the ten rounds.

The 21.3 average is probably close to what lies between the 19.5 and 26.2 averages in February and March and the point in time when Perris Fury had to take a break due to the injury. A closer look at the scores and sequences in March and last weekend in Perris seems to confirm that Fury has not lost much in the meantime.

Perris Fury's Round 5 at the SCSL September meet - see video
Perris Fury with Thomas Hughes in Raeford
The sequence of Round 2 in March (9-10-14) was similar to last weekend's Round 2 (9-16-13), only with slightly faster blocks, and September Fury outscored March Fury by two points (19 - 17).

Both sequences of Round 3 were similar, as well, with Block 4 and three random formations in March (4-F-M-A) and four last weekend.

The additional random formation and the block at the end of the sequence made last weekend's sequence (F-P-G-O-4) the faster one, even though the Cataccord always slows down the pace. Once again, September Fury outscored March Fury the way it should have happened.

More videos of last weekend's competition in Perris will follow soon.

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