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Did You Know...

... that the Georgia Skydiving League teams and management relocated on a short notice?

Georgia Skydiving League
posted May 31st, 2005 - The second meet of the Georgia Skydiving League 2005 season was held Saturday, May 28, at Skydive Atlanta in Thomaston, GA. First of all, the GSL would like to extend a big thanks to Skydive Atlanta and Skydive Monroe for being able to work with the GSL and be willing to switch meet locations on short notice. Also, many thanks to the competitors for helping to spread the word of the change and for coming down to SDA on such short notice!

GSL Meet 2 saw a great turnout with six teams showing up to compete. Unfortunately, due to two fifteen-minute weather holds and eventual rain at 7 pm, we were only able to complete four rounds for the AAA/Open Class and three rounds for the A Class of the traditional six rounds. But the teams jumped hard throughout the day and put up some impressive scores.

Three teams competed in the A Class. 4-Play, a beginning team comprised of local jumpers from various dropzones, worked hard and finished the meet with a 0.7 average over three rounds and a bronze medal. Last Minute, comprised of Anthony Stone, Bob Van Kampen, Jeff Myers, and Matt Whitcomb, jumped well and finished in second place with a 5.3 average over three rounds.

Finally, Club, a Georgia Tech team comprised of two former GT Fusion members (2004 Collegiates 4-Way silver medalists) and two GT Propel (2004 Collegiates 2-Way silver medalists) members, performed very well and finished in first place with an impressive 7.0 over three rounds.

Airlock at the NSL Championship 2004
Airlock, one of last year's Collegiate 4-way teams from Georgia Tech and NSL Championship 2004 A Class Champions, continue to compete in the NSL AA Class as they train for this year's U.S. Nationals in Perris. Airlock improved their average by over a point from the first meet of the year, finishing the meet with a 8.8 average over four rounds. The GSL is looking forward to watching their progression throughout the season.

Finally, two teams competed in the AAA/Open Class. GSL 2004 champions Inviscid once again competed, finishing in second place with a 12.5 average over four rounds. PNF, the team comprised of members from various past GSL teams, competed again this weekend. Former Mr. Pink member Mike Gruwell was unavailable, so PNF filled the point slot with former PD Blue member Kyle Collins. PNF had a great showing this weekend, finishing with a 13.3 average over four rounds and the first place slot. Both teams were disappointed that they were not able to jump Round 5, the much anticipated all random sequence (9-B-K-C).

The GSL would like to thank Skydive Atlanta for hosting the meet. We would also like the thank the competitors and videographers for coming out and changing locations on short notice! Finally, the GSL would like to thank Richard Schachner for judging the second GSL meet of the season. We look forward to seeing everyone at GSL Meet 3 on June 18 at Skydive Monroe.

Meet story provided by Allison Yasitis

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