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Did You Know...

... that Spa Hayabusa's 16-pointer highscore was real and correct?

posted May 31st, 2005 - The NSL News apologizes to the Belgium national 4-way team Spa Hayabusa and event judge Richard Schachner for the related incorrect comments in the May 30 story. The NSL News did not consider the fact that a re-jump was granted to the Belgium team when round eight of the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2005 was posted on NSL-TV.

The Hayabusa jump on NSL-TV until today was the first time the Belgian team was in the air for round eight. The meet management later granted a re-jump for Hayabusa. The repeater was judged while the other teams continued with the next round, and the correct score of 16 points was posted later on the scoreboard on site and also on the NSL website.

Spa Hayabusa's re-jump for round eight - see video
The NSL News is usually timing the competition jumps to collect additional accurate information of the team performances while uploading the files. Unfortunately, it happened to be the first of the two Hayabusa jumps, which fell victim to the NSL stop watch.

The Belgian team scored 14 points in the first attempt and improved the quality of the jump significantly in the re-jump. Result was the 16-pointer and the highscore of round eight. The 16th point was well in time, and Spa Hayabusa was even not too far away from the 17th point (35.43 seconds). It was a re-jump, yes, but it was a beautiful skydive and a well deserved score for a world class performance. The 16-pointer is now on NSL-TV, and NSL apologies go to Belgium.

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