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Did You Know...

... that Skyservice and Fast Arrows defended their titles successfully?

AAA Class champion Skyervice
posted Aug 25th, 2008 - The Czech Republic, host of next year's FAI World Cup, concluded the 2008 season last weekend with the national championship. The Czech 2008 season was opened with a tunnel competition at Bodyflight Bedford in April, three meets of the regular season followed in May, June and July leading into the national championship.

The defending Czech 4-way champion of 2007, Skyservice (Jirí Jirman, Jan Lukavec, Štepán Tuma, Zbynek Živný and Petr Brož on camera), won the title once again with an impressive 14.6 average. This stands for a new Czech record average, as league director Jan Klapka reported.

Skyservice had posted a 14.6 average at the beginning of the 2008 season at the indoor competition in Bedford and now confirmed the indoor scoring level with the same meet average at the outdoor championship event. Skyservice had not attended the World Meet 2008 in Maubeuge.

Silver medals and team record for Bad Boys
The Bad Boys won the silver medals with a new 12.1 team record average at the end of the 10-round event.

Skyservice had won the 2007 championship with a 12.4 average, and the Bad Boys were at a 10.3 average at the end of the 2007 season. Both AAA Class teams have progressed parallel with each other in 2008.

Two teams from the United Arabian Emirates competed as guest competitors and tested the international 4-way waters during a training camp in the Czech Republic. It was the first international participation for the Czech 4-way community ever since the league was launched.

A Class champion Fast Arrows with Robert Chromy
Fast Arrows copied the Skyservice repeat victory and defended the Czech A Class championship successfully, as well. Jan Cermák, Jirina Klapková, Martin Kratochvíl and Renata Matasová had posted a 10.6 average last year. The A Class team received a little bit extra help by Teiwaz member and full-time coach Robert Chromy this year who filled a slot for an injured Fast Arrows member.

Jan Cermák, Michal Ebermann, Martin Kratochvíl, Robert Chromy and Jitka Hejlová on camera finished with a 13.1 average last weekend and are currently holding the top position of the A Class leaderboard with six listed teams. Skyservice is in 3rd place of 17 teams, and the Bad Boys are in 5th place on the current AAA Class leaderboard.

Robert Chromy and Michal Ebermann had to fill two slots for Fast Arrows due to the injuries of both female team members, Jirina Klapková and Renata Matasová. Robert Chromy was born in the Czech Republic and still has his Czech passport. He had just competed for Teiwaz at Skydive Sebastian the weekend prior to the Czech Nationals 2008.

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