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Did You Know...

... that the Ranch Skydiving League set another new participation record?

posted Jul 24th, 2008 - The Ranch Skydiving League set a new participation record last weekend. Eight teams competed in three competition classes, and there was actually a 9th team ready to go. Jack's Team had an injury and a video malfunction on the first jump and had to withdraw. Other missing RSL teams were the Demo Divas and Spanakopita who will hopefully be back for the next meet, as RSL Director Robert Schuyler reported.

He said that the weather was very good: "There were only some gusty winds which prevented our one Rookie team from completing the meet." He provided an overview of the complete meet action in all competition classes.

July meet of the Ranch Skydiving League at the Blue Sky Ranch
Ranch Fallout member Dave Bauer

RSL July Meet - AAA Class

Centerline XP stepped out to compete for the first time this year. The New England team has been doing most of the training in the Paraclete XP windtunnel. They are currently taking a break from the tunnel training for real skydiving and to work out exits and hill work. The scores indicate that this ia a team to be reckoned this season in USPA's Advanced Class competition.

Ranch Fallout members Dave Bauer and Dave Grabowski switched teir slots last week (Inside Center and Tail). The team has yet to decide if this will be a permanent change. However, it seemed to work well during the meet, and Fallout plans to continue for another training weekend or two before making a final decision.

AA Class team Vortex

RSL July Meet - AA Class

Ranch Vortex continues to improve and posted the highest meet average of the 2008 season with a 9.7 last weekend. The team just returned from a training camp at the Paraclete XP windtunnel.

Ranch Delusion had a good meet, as well, even though the team was jumping with an alternate (Ivan Kaczor). Bob Schuyler sent an extra message to Delusion: "Hey Dave, nice 450's on those 22's..."

AA Class team Delusion
Vortex won the AA Class battle at the Ranch by one single point and beat the FSL team FSC Wind Damaged by the same single point at the same time on the overall leaderboard. Delusion and the team from Lake Wales ended up tied in second place with 9.5 averages.

There were two new RSL teams in the AA Class. Chutney & Meatballs and Pat Dugan's Team both had their first competition together with no training jumps prior to the meet.

Pat Dugan's Team is made up of Darren Azman (Point), Patrick Dugan (Center Inside), Luis Rosado (Tail) and Andre van Heerden (Center Outside). Chutney & Meatballs consists of of Rachana Bhatia (Point), Mike Brody (Tail), Ann Cognito (Center Inside) and Hairdo Lou Marra (Center Outside). Jesse Kluetmeier is the alternate for the team.

RSL July Meet - A Class

Screaming Monkey Sex was also jumping with an alternate this weekend. Tail Kealani Tosh injured her hand the previous weekend in an off-field landing. The RSL teams hope to see her back with the team for the next meet.
RSL competitors at the Ranch

RSL July Meet - Rookie Class

The Ranch also has a new Rookie Class team, Auto Gyro. The lineup consists of Denny Acosta (Tail), Dan Croft (Inside Center), Babs Insley (Point) and Maz Mohammadi (Outside Center). Dan Croft is a recent Ranch IAF Graduate and A License recipient. Maz Mohammadi has been around the Ranch for a couple of years doing both RW and Freeflying. Denny Acosta is in his second season of jumping and has been trying to get a Rookie Class team together since RSL Meet 1, with no luck until now. RSL Director Bob Schuyler said that he was glad he kept trying.

He finished the meet report looking ahead to the next meet and even greater participation: "As usual, we would like to thank the Ranch for hosting another great meet. We hope to set another Ranch record at the next meet on August 16th. Come out and compete!"

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