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Did You Know...

... that last weekend's leaderboard is complete?

posted Jul 23rd, 2008 - Last weekend's leaderboard is complete, the scores of six different events are posted. Only Belgium was completely weathered out. The New England Skydiving League completed only half of the meet. Mass Defiance member Brian Stephens reported that the weather wasn't perfect at all at Skydive New England last weekend:
New England Skydiving League 2008 with Mass Defiance
NESL team Mass Defiance at work
"We had off and on weather throughout the weekend, but we did manage to get through three complete rounds. The last round, however, was from 9000' due to a lower ceiling. The lower ceiling didn't affect the scores, though.

The meet went pretty smooth considering that the dropzone lost power Friday night due to a massive thunderstorm and didn't get it back until about 11:00 am on Saturday. We lost it again for about an hour later in the day on Saturday, but that was about the time the rain came back.

The dropzone pulled out a generator to make load announcements, and the power didn't stop the plane from flying... However, the videographers were VERY conservative with their camera batteries since recharging wasn't an option.

Sunday we toyed with weather holds as the ceiling was up and down and the rain on and off. It was still a great meet, and everyone had a good time. As is typical, this Monday morning the weather is beautiful..."

Mideast Skydiving League 2008 at Start Skydiving
One of the other smaller meets last weekend took place at Start Skydiving, John Hart's new skydiving center in Ohio. He and his former Fastrax teammate Niklas Hemlin have began to form new teams and train new 4-way competitors for their future careers.

Wait & Sea consists of John Hart (Inside Centre), Niklas Hemlin (Outside Centre), Matt Hunt (Point), Greg Rich (Tail) and Michelle Albers on camera. The new AAA Class team attended its fourth meet of the 2008 season last weekend and continues to post meet results above the 13.0 average level. The MESL team ended up with a 13.5 average last weekend, which secured the 7th place in a 17-team field of the AAA Class.

MESL AA Class team Frantic 180
AA Class team Frantic 180, with Jane McGuire (Point), Chris Butturini (Inside Centre), Wes Adams (Outside Centre), Ed Lightle (Tail) and James Fangmeyer on camera in the lineup for the July meet, attended its fourth MESL meet of the 2008 season, as well, and ended up in 5th place of nine teams in this category.

The SlowTrax team name somehow reminds on Fastrax and KnightTrax and is an MESL team in the A Class. Leah Connell (Point), Misty Harmon (Inside Centre), John "Rudder" Harth (Tail), Michael Roman (Outside Centre) and Eric Boergher on camera got together last weekend and added a new lineup to the A Class competition.

Florida Skydiving League team Zero Tolerance Miami is still holding the top position in this competition class. The NSL News will follow up with more information from last weekend's Danish Nationals 2008 very soon.

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