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Florida Skydiving League 2004 - Meet 6
Florida Skydiving Center
August 14 - 15, 2004

Scores for Florida Skydiving League Meet on Aug 14th, 2004

Aug 14th, 2004
1 2 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class 2,J,H,22 11,20,14 Total Avg
1 DeLand Scape FSL 14 14 28 14.0

News Associated With This Event

News Article Did you know that the Florida Skydiving Center hosted the last FSL meet in April 2004?
posted: Jul 1st, 2004 The second meet of the Florida Skydiving League 2004 season was competing with a large formation event at Skydive City last weekend. Several FSL competitors who are not currently in a team visited Zephyrhills... (more)