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Scores for Indoor Cloud League 12+ Chamber Meet on Jan 1st, 2018

Jan 1st, 2018
Rank January 12+ B,14,L,5 B,14,11 B,L,9 A,G,K M,B,L M,B Total
1 iFLY SF Bay  US  T12 18    17    20    10    17    20    102
2 iFLY Sacramento  US  T12 16 -1 13    20    14    14    24    101
3 iFLY Orlando  US  T12 19    16    17    11 -4 25 -1 -    88
4 Harpia  BR  T12 -    14    -    -    -    -    14

News Associated With This Event

Did you know that the start into the new Indoor Cloud League year could not be any more exciting?
posted: Feb 8th, 2018 The coverage of the first Indoor Cloud League month of the new year concludes with updates from iFLY Dallas and iFLY Seattle and the monthly summary. Former Dallas 350 team mates Scott Levy and Lucas... (more)
Did you know that iFLY SF Bay won the first Indoor Cloud League 12+ competition of 2018 by one single point?
posted: Feb 6th, 2018 The 2018 season of the Indoor Cloud League started almost exactly the same way on the 12+ leaderboard as Hurricane Factory and Paraclete XP showed off on the 14+ leaderboard. The NSL News had reported... (more)
Did you know that the Florida Rookie Class teams had their own January competition?
posted: Jan 23rd, 2018 The Florida Skydiving League teams and competitors posted the first Indoor Cloud League scores of the new year at iFLY Tampa, as the NSL News reported on 18 January 2018, followed by Harpia's AA Class... (more)