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Did you know that Carolina Dynamic launched a promising 2014 season despite bad weather?
posted: May 13th, 2014 The season opener of the Southern California Skydiving League was seriously bothered by bad weather, as the Sun Path Products NSL News reported yesterday. The Carolina Skydiving League followed up a week later and was not much luckier. Carolina Turbo XP hosted the meet on their home turf at Skydive Carolina in Chester, and Andrew Happick had similar weather news as Christy Frikken reported from Perris: "Saturday started with a slight weather delay due to low clouds. We then started jumping and had all three teams on the same Caravan loads. After three rounds of competition, Caravan load 12... (more)
Did you know that Nick Grillet is the new Tail for Carolina Turbo XP?
posted: Feb 4th, 2014 The Sun Path Products NSL News has covered the team career of Carolina Turbo XP with many stories since the team was formed for its first competition season in 2009. The last update came actually with the November edition of the Blue Skies Mag and the TURNING POINTS column. "The Turbo Tale" was then re-posted on 7 November 2013. The story on 20 December 2013 finally broke the news that the young team will also manage the Carolina Skydiving League beginning with the 2014 season. Carolina Turbo XP recently published the meet schedule for the Carolina region, and it was still not the end of the... (more)
Did you know that CASL team Snatch Force is winning the overall Rookie Class?
posted: Jul 23rd, 2013 The Sun Path Products NSL News reported on 4 July 2013 how Carolina Turbo XP came to the rescue of the CASL 2013 season. The update included the announcement of plans how to continue with 4way competition in the Carolinas for the remainder of the season. The weather forecast was not very promising, and it turned out that the weather would really not support the Turbo efforts for the scheduled July meet. However, three teams still decided to see how the Turbo members would run the event, and they had a great time despite the bad weather situation. The two CASL Rookie Class teams made good... (more)
Did you know that Turbo XP takes over the Carolina Skydiving League management?
posted: Jul 4th, 2013 The last Sun Path Products NSL News update covering Carolina Turbo XP's progress came after the Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship 2013 where the young US team once again closed in on the US top teams Arizona Airspeed and SDC Rhythm XP. The story on 22 March 2013 also confirmed what the Sun Path Products NSL News had reported at the beginning of the year on 24 January 2013: Turbo is going full time. All team members focus only on 4way competition and are working in the skydiving business at Skydive Carolina. The 2013 season is now in full swing, and Turbo Tail Joey Coffineau recently reported... (more)
Did you know that the weather in North Carolina was not better than in Florida?
posted: Apr 26th, 2013 Last weekend's weather was not much better in the Carolinas than it was in Florida. The same weather front kept teams and competitors away from the meet locations and made it difficult for any present teams to get in the air. Carolina Skydiving League director Laura Dickmeyer, Golden Knights member and silver medalist in the female 4way category of the Mondial Dubai 2012, reported that the winds were too unpredictable, and the meet was called early. However, TSC Vertigo had scheduled an 8way training camp for the same weekend and were one of the four teams who visited the Raeford Parachute... (more)
Did you know that the CASL Championship 2012 represented the league history since 2004?
posted: Sep 16th, 2012 The Carolina Skydiving League completed the 2012 season with the championship event in Raeford this weekend. Laura Dickmeyer, Golden Knights member and CASL Director, had just returned from her very successful trip to Prostejov in the Czech Republic where her team won the indirect competition with the Aerodyne Deep Blue Defenders in a surprising upset. The NSL News coverage of the World Cup included an interview with the Golden Knights after the completion of the meet. The conversation did not only include topics of the competition in Prostejov. Laura Dickmeyer also explained how much she was... (more)
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