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NSL News

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News Article Did you know that round six of the SSL Valentine's Meet 2005 completes the NSL-TV coverage?
posted: Mar 28th, 2005 Round six of the SSL Valentine's Meet 2005 completes the NSL-TV coverage of this event. This last round offers one last opportunity for now to review Arizona Airspeed's two line-ups competing at the first competition of the 2005 season in February. Airspeed Odyssey and Velocity did not travel to Perris for the March meet of the Southwest Skydiving League. However, the SSL moves back to Eloy, Arizona, in April. There is a very good chance that new Airspeed 4-way footage will then become available for NSL-TV and the valued audience. (more)
News Article Did you know that Eliana Rodriguez will visit the Midwest Skydiving League meet in July?
posted: Mar 28th, 2005 The Midwest Skydiving League season launches its 2005 season with the season opener on May 21 at Skydive Chicago. The professional skydiving center in Ottawa and Chicagoland Skydiving in Hinckly are both hosting two of the five MWSL meets this year. The third meet of the MWSL 2005 schedule will be hosted by the Sky Knights Sport Parachute Club in Wisconsin on July 23. The Sky Knights management has recently finalized a special incentive for this July event. Current Airspeed Odyssey member and reigning 8-way world champion, Eliana Rodriguez, will visit as the event coach. MWSL Director Alan Butt... (more)
News Article Did you know that the latest omission messages from judges and IPC officials are clear?
posted: Mar 25th, 2005 The discussion of the omission has continued in the NSL Forum after the NSL News stories on March 15 and March 17. The video of the jump is not available any longer on the NSL-TV page after the recent update with round five of the SSL Valentine's Meet. There is a new link to the video file for further reviews, which has been set in the NSL Forum's omission topic. The NSL headquarters also received additional feedback from IPC (International Parachuting Commission) officials, which helps to clarify the situation. Fiona McEachern, the Australian Chair of the IPC Formation Skydiving Committee,... (more)
News Article Did you know that the current two sequences on NSL-TV are very similar?
posted: Mar 24th, 2005 The current NSL-TV offers the most exciting footage. All six top contenders of the AAA Class can be viewed at the same time: the Golden Knights, Airspeed Odyssey and Airspeed Velocity with round five of the SSL Valentine's Meet 2005; DeLand Fire, the Golden Knights, DeLand Majik and Team Fastrax with round one of the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2005. The Shamrock TV offers in addition the footage of Italy's Sinapsi PD and several other international top teams. (more)
News Article Did you know that a total of $3,450 was given to winners and as prizes for single rounds in DeLand?
posted: Mar 23rd, 2005 The FSL Shamrock Showdown 2005 did not only have to offer world class skydiving and exciting competition. The event has also included the Skins Game ever since its inception in 2002. The Skins Game of the Shamrock Showdown is a special opportunity for all teams to win cash and prizes round by round. The FSL Shamrock Showdown 2005 offered prizes for two categories: the overall winners of each class after the completion of all rounds, plus the Skins Game with prizes per round. The overall winners were determined by the scores before handicap, while the Skins Game prizes were given to the winners... (more)
News Article Did you know that the Southwest Skydiving League was surprised with great weather on meet day?
posted: Mar 23rd, 2005 Weather has definitely limited training days for many SSL teams this season, but so far both SSL meets have surmounted looming forecasts. Just as the Arizona skies opened up long enough for teams to complete their rounds at Meet #2, the California skies also cooperated on the weather day. (more)