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News Article Did you know that the Great Lakes Skydiving League has a comeback this year?
posted: Jan 16th, 2023 The NSL News reported on 10 October 1999 that the Great Lakes Skydiving League would be launched in 2000: "The Great Lakes Skydiving League is preparing its inaugural season. The GLSL will run four meets in the 2000 season. The date for the first meet has been set for June 23-25, 2000. League sponsor Aerohio will host this meet. Other skydiving centers in the area are still welcome to join the league. Mark Belmont is the league's director. Sherry Butcher of Aerohio is supporting Belmont's efforts. He has already worked on putting things together for a while." The NSL News update was posted more... (more)
News Article Did you know that the Great Lakes Skydiving League launched the 2004 season successfully?
posted: Jun 19th, 2004 The first GLSL meet of the season has demonstrated that 2004 is off to a good start for the serious competitors as well as the weekend “fun” teams. Five teams competed for bragging rights at AerOhio Skydiving Center in Rittman, Ohio. The two rookie teams, FKKR and Bon Voyage competed head to head, many times on the same aircraft load, trying desperately to “one up” each other. The spirit of friendly competition was evident among these two pick up teams! At the end, Bon Voyage was victorious, due largely in part to an exit induced goose egg by FKKR. The A class was entertaining to... (more)
News Article Did you know that seven teams competed in Ohio?
posted: Jun 28th, 2000 The Great Lakes Skydiving League had a great season opener last weekend at AerOhio. Seven teams completed six rounds for the first GLSL rankings of the inaugural 2000 season. Two teams competed in the Advanced Class, five teams in the new Intermediate Class. 4 Dead in Ohio won the Overall Class with an average of 8.0 points. Between the two Advanced Class teams, Sintrifugal Force stayed ahead of Vertex. Both teams are training at AerOhio. AerOhio supported the season opener of the Great Lakes Skydiving League as the host of the meet and as a sponsor, as well. Other meet sponsors were Jumper... (more)