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Did you know that Mass Defiance competitors and judges will meet again in Eloy?
posted: Oct 8th, 2008 The New England Skydiving League completed its 2008 season on the NSL Playoffs weekend at Jumptown. Mass Defiance member Brian Stephens reported that the "NESL had an excellent weekend for the NSL Playoffs meet, and a number of teams came out to participate." The meet was held at Jumptown where the first NESL meet of the 2008 season was scheduled and then completely weathered out. Brian Stephens said that the weather was beautiful this time and provided additional information of the event: (more)
Did you know that weather and gas prices make it more difficult in New England?
posted: Jun 30th, 2008 Four of last weekend's competitions have already provided scores and updates. It turns out so far that the weather did not cooperate much anywhere, neither in Europe nor in the USA. The 3rd competition of the United Kingdom Skydiving League did not get any further than to half completion of Round 2. The teams of the Czech Republic Skydiving League were stopped after three rounds. It was not much better in the USA. The Midwest Skydiving League completed only four of the scheduled six rounds. The New England Skydiving League did not even get the chance to start the meet at all. Mass Defiance's... (more)
Did you know that both New England teams posted record scores last weekend?
posted: Jun 13th, 2007 The slowest meet weekend of the 2007 season followed the record weekend of June 2. Only the New England Skydiving League completed a competition last weekend. The Northwest Skydiving League competition was weathered out, and two teams managed to beat the weather on the east coast with six jumps at Skydive New England. However, the results of these two NESL teams were still interesting enough. One of the two teams was Mass Defiance, USPA's Advanced Class champion of 2005. Mass Defiance members Ben Liston and Brian Stephens have also taken over the league management in New England this year and... (more)
Did you know that the first 2007 scores from New England have been added to the leaderboard?
posted: May 8th, 2007 The New England Skydiving League had a much better start into the 2007 season compared to last year's season opener at the same location in May. Mass Defiance member and NESL Director Brian Stephens mentioned in his meet report that everybody was happy to have much better conditions last weekend: "We had a great start into the 2007 season. Six teams showed up to compete, a few new ones, and a few that competed in 2006. Last year's meet at Conneticut Parachutists got rained out, so everyone was very happy that the weather co-operated this time." (more)
Did you know that teams in DeLand are on a smoke hold?
posted: May 4th, 2007 Several teams have currently been training in DeLand, including Norway's team Arcteryx, Denmark's team Blaze, Dynamic Force from the Netherlands, an 8-way team from Great Britain and the Brazilian Air Force team. The training jumps for these teams included the smell of smoke coming from the biggest wild fire in the history of Georgia. Winds from the north had carried the smoke from Georgia deep into Florida. However, the visibility for jump plane pilots and skydivers was still good enough to continue with any flight operations, and the teams did not have to interrupt their training camps. (more)
Did you know that Block 20 challenged the teams on the hill in round three?
posted: Oct 12th, 2006 Round 3 of the NSL Playoffs 2006 weekend in Elsinore has now been uploaded, and the scores page has the NSL-TV icon behind all scores that have videos of this round available. Once again, all highscores of round three can be viewed, except the best Rookie Class jump. Team "NotIt!" of the New England Skydiving League scored a 9-pointer for the 3-point sequence of Random Formations (J-F-L), which was the highest score for round three in the Rookie Class that weekend. NotIt! won the whole Rookie Class competition with a 7.3 average, as well. The results of the playoffs weekend moved NotIt! up... (more)
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