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T14 News

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Did you know that school vacations changed the junior lineups in the Czech Republic?
posted: Jul 5th, 2019 The June competition of the Indoor Cloud League has been over for a few days, while scores and videos are still being added to the leaderboards. The ICL team of the Northwest Skydiving League at iFLY Seattle was once again without the help of Seattle Swift for the Open Class sequences (AAA/AA), as the team is on a break. However, team member Djorde Mandaric and the previous organizers of the ICL activities at iFLY Seattle, Deb and Dave Correia, worked together to post scores and videos for all six categories. Djordje Mandaric had three new participants in his June lineups, and he is expecting... (more)
Did you know that Jessica Haugaard and Morgan Womble focus on the indoor/outdoor bridge at Paraclete XP?
posted: Jun 5th, 2019 Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League team followed up quickly with the May scores after the newest numbers of the Hurricane Factory were posted, and the 14+ leaderboard is still not complete yet. ICL organizer Jessica Haugaard had only one world champion available this time, Jennifer Davidson of the Golden Knights 8-way team. The Paraclete XP Summer Classic is coming up very soon, and the top teams and competitors focus naturally more on outdoor training and competition at this time of the year. Jessica Haugaard and Morgan Womble have also made the recruitment of new participants a high priority.... (more)
Did you know that HF Cubs catch up with HF Flying Circus?
posted: Jun 3rd, 2019 It was actually only a matter of time when it would happen. HF Flying Circus and HF Cubs shared the same leaderboard for the first time when the 4-way Junior team moved up into the AAA Class, at least for training purposes and competition experiences. It was the November meet of the World Tunnel League 2018 at the Hurricane Factory when the young Czech ladies took on their first ten AAA Class sequences. The HF Cubs won their first AAA Class round with a typical AA Class/4-way Junior sequence (G,15,14) at their first meet in this category. The new Czech AAA Class indoor duel has continued... (more)
Did you know that Paraclete XP won back two Indoor Cloud League points in April?
posted: May 6th, 2019 Paraclete XP's teams at the FAI Indoor World Meet, XP8 in 8-way and XPG4 in 4-way Women, contributed heavily to the medal collection of the U.S. delegation in Lille, France. XP8 won the 8-way Challenge, and XPG4 added a set of FAI bronze medals. XPG4 increased their 23.7 average at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship to 26.2 at Weembi Lille and would have needed just some more tunnel time to reach Nephtys Weembi and NFTO on the winning level. XP8's 31.6 average is the third-highest number in history. Only the Golden Knights ever scored higher, in 2015 (32.4) and in 2017 (31.8) at indoor events. The... (more)
Did you know that Seattle Swift take a 1-year break?
posted: May 5th, 2019 Scores and videos of the Indoor Cloud League April competition have been posted, while the leaderboards are still not complete yet. As usual, the Florida Skydiving League participants have their numbers posted on the 12+ (iFLY Orlando) and the 14+ (iFLY Tampa) leaderboards, even though organizer Amer Kassas may still add the video for iFLY Tampa's AAA Class sequence. The latest update came from iFLY Seattle, where Seattle Swift member Djordje Mandaric organizes the events. He continued with the iFLY Seattle team of the Northwest Skydiving League when Deb Correia stepped back at the end of last... (more)
Did you know that April was a very busy and very successful month for the Czech national teams?
posted: May 2nd, 2019 The month of April was another very busy time period for the Czech teams who competed at the FAI Indoor World Meet. HF Flying Circus and HF Cubs both first competed at the Hurricane Factory's April meet of the World Tunnel League and then performed the April sequences of the Indoor Cloud League a few days later. Then they had a few days of rest before driving from Prague to Lille in France for the indoor world meet. There was a third team with exactly the same meet and travel agenda. Skydive University Slovakia has been joining the events at the Hurricane Factory since 2016 and posted their... (more)
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