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Did you know that Paraclete XP's ICL team offers bridges between indoor and outdoor students and instructors?
posted: Apr 11th, 2021 The Indoor Cloud League continues to generate scores and videos during the recovery times of the pandemic crisis. The March leaderboard is showing the highest 2021 numbers, for the number of submitted videos (23) as well as for the total number of points on the leaderboard (425). ICL Midwest won the March competition easily with 147 points and the second highest total since joining the Indoor Cloud League, as the NSL News reported on April 5th. Paraclete XP's ICL team was back with a new combination of top competitors and player coaches. The same three XPG4 members (Jeana Billings, Morgan... (more)
Did you know that ICL Midwest scored a total of 147 points for the March sequences?
posted: Apr 5th, 2021 The previous Indoor Cloud League February update of the ICL Midwest team was a part of the aftermath of the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2021 at the same time. Several ICL participants had posted the six scores for ICL Midwest before making the trip to Paraclete XP for the national indoor championships, including AAA Class team Skydive Midwest NEXT, who are organizing the Indoor Cloud League events. NEXT have been performing the two Open Class sequences (AAA/AA) for the ICL Midwest team month by month while player-coaching most of the other lineups. They were back in March for the two... (more)
Did you know that XPG4's Brenn Richards was a new ICL player-coach for Paraclete XP in February?
posted: Mar 23rd, 2021 The month of February was very busy for the members of the Paraclete XP team delegation. The AZXP8, XP4 and XPG4 members and the whole Paraclete staff were engaged in the preparations for the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2021, one way or another between training, coaching and logistics. Then there were only a few weeks until at least AZXP8 and XPG4 would follow up with outdoor competition at the Shamrock Showdown 2021. At the same time, XPG4 team mates Jeana Billings and Morgan Womble organized once again the Indoor Cloud League events in February and March at Paraclete XP. Both traveled... (more)
Did you know that the Texas delegation had a very successful visit in North Carolina?
posted: Mar 16th, 2021 The NSL News mentioned with the last Indoor Cloud League update from iFLY Dallas on February 15th that ICL organizer Kyle Hermberg would be sporting two teams for the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2021. The aftermath story on February 15th then reported the tight competition in the AA/Intermediate Class. Kyle Hermberg himself finished only 11 points away from defending the indoor title with his new team, Dallas Dynasty, and he took USIS silver medals back to Texas this year. The second team from Texas, Flying Unicorn Circus In Training, won the gold medals in the Rookie Class, and the... (more)
Did you know that the three 8-way medal winners at Paraclete XP will be back in outdoor action very soon?
posted: Mar 6th, 2021 The aftermath of the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2021 continues with an update of the Indoor Cloud League activities. Not only the coaches of the Paraclete XP team managed to post ICL 2021 scores and videos before the indoor championships, as the NSL News reported on March 4th. Skydive Midwest NEXT did the same in February. The complete lineup performed the two Open Class sequences (AAA/AA). Lauren Byrd, Gorka Amian and Greg Oldendick also player-coached the other three February lineups through the additional four ICL sequences. There were several ICL participants who would later make... (more)
Did you know that Florida's ICL team at iFLY Tampa has 2021 scores for two consecutive months?
posted: Feb 23rd, 2021 Florida's Indoor Cloud League team at iFLY Tampa had a restart this year, as the NSL News reported on February 1st. The ICL 2020 season had been just as challenging for the Florida teams and competitors as for the whole Formation Skydiving competition community. The restart event in January attracted enough participants to fill the ICL 14+ leaderboard at least with scores and videos for five of the six monthly ICL sequences. FSL team Jump Florida Furtherance and three ZEAL members brought some 4-way experiences into January's ICL group. There was not enough potential to add the AAA Class... (more)