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Did You Know...

... that all three Danish project teams competed last weekend?

Danish national 4-way team "Danez"
posted May 9th, 2005 - The first scores of last weekend's events are now posted. The first competition of the 2005 season in Denmark, the "DFU Open" took place in Flensburg, a German city at the northern border to the Scandinavian country. Denmark's national team's member Mikael Toft explained that the meet was planned to take place at the German location since there was no adequate jump plane available in Denmark for this meet date.

The skydiving center in Flensburg provided a Skyvan for the competition, which was scheduled over ten rounds. Unfortunately, Germany was not able to deliver the perfect weather at the same time. Only six of the ten rounds were completed between Thursday and Saturday.

The field of teams included all three line-ups of the Danish 4-way project, which was recently covered in the NSL News story of April 27. Only the C-Team of the project, the "Elements" used their original name for the scoreboard. The national 4-way team, the Danez, competed with an alternate and called itself "De Stribede Papegoejer" last weekend. Vitesse, the project's B-Team, also competed with an alternate and can be found under "De Blaa Aber".

The Elements at the FSL April meet
Despite the alternate players in the line-ups, the three project teams still took the first three places in proper order of the project's seniority. The Danez will soon resume the training with the original line-up in Florida and prepare for the next upcoming competitions.

The Elements recently competed at the second meet of the Florida Skydiving League 2005 in Lake Wales where the team posted a convincing 12.8 meet average. Competition jumps of the Elements at this event can still be viewed on NSL-TV. The competition draw in Flensburg last weekend was slower compared to the FSL meet in April. The Elements still finished with a 2-digit 11.0 meet average.

Event organizers in Denmark will follow up with a meet story, pictures and possibly video files. The other events of last weekend took place in Colorado and will be covered as soon as information will be available.

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