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Did You Know...

... that Perris Fury extends the team project to the United Kingdom?

posted Jan 3rd, 2008 - The last Perris Fury update on 10 December 2007 included the mention of the "Fury Free Week" during the Perris Valley Skydiving Holiday Boogie. The event featured free coaching for a full week from various members of the world-class team from Perris.

It was the second year that Perris Fury has offered free coaching during the winter holiday. The team reported a successful event at the right time: "As well as adding excitement to an already festive boogie, it has proven to be a great way for Fury to thank local customers and welcome visitors in the holiday spirit."

The most exciting part of the Fury Free Week was for the team members to see how this experience grew compared to the same event in 2006. Word spread, and Fury expects it to continue growing, as people realize there are very few chances to get completely free coaching from a professional team.

The participants ranged greatly in skill, including someone who got the A-license during the boogie all the way to very experienced competitors. The groups ranged from those seeking one-on-one instructions, small groups, mid-sized groups, and teams seeking 4-way coaching from the ground.

Perris Fury also announced the winner of the 2007 Fury Raffle. Reagan Bellinghausen received a whole free day of 3-on-1 jumps with the Perris Fury members. The winner of the raffle can pick his slot for the day, and the Fury members will fill the other three slots.

4-way at the Free Fury Week
The 2007 package for Reagan Bellinghausen includes free jumps with videos, coaching by the Fury members and even free pack jobs. In addition comes a 15-minute windtunnel session with the same line-up.

Perris Fury also congratulated the winners of the second and third place of the raffle, Chris Wajnarowski and Johnny Batemanour. Both will get either a free Perris Fury T-shirt or the Best of Fury DVD. The Fury members added that they would like to thank all participants in the raffle and for the support of the project.

At the same time, the preparations of Fury's 8-way project in 2008 contine and have been extended. Christy Frikken explained a very new part of the project:

"Perris Fury and Bodyflight Storm have just agreed to an 8-way collaboration this year, which extends the popular Fury8 Project even further. In addition to the six teams Fury has training for the USPA Nationals 2008, Storm will be leading a British team and an international guest team. The aim is for the UK team to compete at the British Nationals this summer, while the international team will compete at the USPA Nationals as a guest team this fall.

The program will run along the same lines as the Fury8 groups - the burden of forming and running a team is placed on the Fury group. The key difference is that the team will be captained by a Storm member who will be jumping with the group. A Perris Fury member will be coaching the group during the training camp camp in Perris. The group will then head to the British Nationals and compete with that solid foundation.

Project 8-way team Moxie at the USPA Nationals 2007
In addition to the purely British team, there will be a second group training at the same time, which is open to any and all nationalities. The single camp format works better for those traveling from anywhere across the world and may fit some US skydiver's schedule better. It will also be a fun experience to visit the UK and attend the British Nationals as a guest team."

Additional information can be found at Fury's and Storm's team websites. The application process is similar compared to the other Fury projects. It requires applicants to provide personal information, so the Fury members can plan to match goals, skill levels, and interests.

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