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Did You Know...

... that the Perris Fury project has been extremely successful?

posted Sep 11th, 2007 - It was a rainy Monday night in Ottawa, Illinois, and that was a good thing. The rain front went through at the right time, and the skies cleared up quickly on Tuesday morning. The 8-way competition of the USPA Nationals 2007 is in full swing.

The NSL News goes back to the 4-way competition with a few new videos of Perris Fury. The Formation Skydiving delegation from Perris was of an impressive size. Dan BC said that eight 4-way teams and four 8-way teams traveled from California to Illinois. Most of the teams are a part of the Perris Fury project.

Dan BC visits for an NSL News interview
Perris Fury itself did not end up as close to the top of the leaderboard as the team members and the NSL News expected before the start of this year's USPA Nationals. The 4th place is no disappointment at all, and the 20.9 average is a good result, as well. Perris Fury managed to beat the Norwegian national team Arcteryx by one point, which is one of the best national teams in the world and posted its own record average of 2007 in Ottawa.

Dan BC had an explanation for the Perris Fury performance in 4-way. He thinks that the team has moved up to a 23-point average level extremely quickly and did not have the time to get familiar and consistent with the pace and the challenges of this performance level. It would have been a little miracle if Perris Fury had been able to repeat the average scores the team posted at the July and August meets in California.

However, the Perris Fury members have been extremely successful with their project teams. The number of teams from Perris in Ottawa show how much following the project enjoys. Each Perris Fury member is also guiding an 8-way team through the USPA Nationals 2007, and several team members are making their first experiences at a major event.

Perris Uber Smack is one of the 8-way teams from Perris and the Fury project. Chris Farina is the team's leader and player coach. Perris Uber Smack competes in the Open Class and races with Afterthought at the bottom of the 9-team field.

Perris Moxie, the all-female line-up with Fury member Christy Frikken in the leadership position, has trained the most and is the strongest 8-way team from Perris. Perris Moxie is currently in 5th place after four rounds. The other two 8-way line-ups of the Perris Fury project (Perris Activ 8 - Josh Hall, Perris NFury8 - Ulrich Stuwe) compete in the Intermediate Class. Round 5 of the 8-way competition has just been completed.

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