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Did You Know...

... that FSL teams posted new record scores on August 18?

The original Z-Team line-up at Skydive City
posted Aug 28th, 2007 - The NSL News story on August 20 covered barely half of the last Florida Skydiving League competition at Skydive City in Zephyrhills on August 18.

The AAA Class teams, and mainly Dreaded FooZa with the 20.0 average, caught the entire first attention of the NSL News. However, the missing videos of Round 1 have now been uploaded and show the other FSL teams in action.

The Z-Team from Skydive City in the AA Class finally competed with the original line-up (Paul Barthus - Tail, Christine Freiherr - Center Inside, Laura Song - Point, Alicia Wolfe - Center Outside) on hometurf and improved the scoring average of the previous two meets in May and June (7.7 - 7.8) significantly.

Chris Williams filmed the team at the August meet. The 10.7 average is not the last word yet, and the Z-Team might get even more attention at the USPA Nationals 2007.

FSC Wind Damaged with coach Bob Byrne
FSC Wind Damaged attended the team's 5th FSL meet this year and finally left behind the 10.0 barrier. The 10.2 average came after a series of meets this year (7.0 - 8.2 - 7.5 - 8.5) where the team showed enough potential for the 10.0 average and still missed the necessary consistency throughout a complete 6-round competition.

Gilles Dutrisac (Center Outside), Joel Kmetz (Center Inside), Mario Luppa (Tail) and Martin McKerrell (Point) have received coaching advice from Teiwaz member Bob Byrne this year, and the results of training and coaching finally show on the scoreboard.

Keith Walter at the hot boarding area
The founder of the Colorado Skydiving League, Keith Walter, who now lives and works in the Tampa Bay area, put together an additional AA Class line-up for the FSL August meet. Rock - Paper - Scissors consisted of Steve Rand (Point), James Saine (Center Outside), Keith Walter (Center Inside), and Yvette Walter (Tail). Russ McDaniel was filming the team.

Keith and Yvette Walter had also attended several meets of the Carolina Skydiving League in the past years before they moved to Florida. The pickup team for the meet in Zephyrhills kept up well with the oher two AA Class teams and even tied one highscore in Round 2.

Judge Kirk Knight works on a Miami video
Both line-ups from Skydive Miami made another trip to the north of Florida on August 18. ZT Mal4mations has recently made it a tradition to use the visit at the meet locations for other team activities, as well. Gary Hansen (Center Inside), Lance Smith (Center Outside), Ana Sang (Tail), Scott Johnson (Point) and Alex Batista (Camera) enjoyed a trip to Bush Gardens on Friday this time before competing in Zephyrhills on Saturday.

Only ZT Mal4mations and Teiwaz have attended all six meets of the regular Florida Skydiving League 2007 season. The A Class team from Skydive Miami is just one small step behind FSC Wind Damaged. Meet by meet, ZT Mal4mations has shown progression and the potential to get to the next higher performance and scoring level. One or two low scores per meet have always put the team back in the area between 5.5 and 6.0 average. ZT Mal4mations is probably saving the best for the last meet of the FSL 2007 season, the NSL Playoffs event on Sepember 8 in DeLand.

Miami Vice prepares for the next round
Rookie Class team Miami Vice tested the FSL waters for the first time in June when they joined ZT Mal4mations on the long trip from Miami to Central Florida. Pam Manos had guided the new team with her former students through the first competition in DeLand.

Javier Aguerrevere (Tail), Pedro Diaz Pow Sang (Center Inside) and Shiva Krovi (Point) had a great experience and decided to make the same trip in July. Former Zero Tolerance member Guido Marti became the team's new leader and took the Center Outside position for Pam Manos. The July average was already higher (3.2 - 3.6) compared to the very first meet, and the new FSL competitors were addicted to the 4-way league events.

The same line-up visited at Skydive City on August 18, and Miami Vice had made a few training jumps at Skydive Miami in the meantime. New highscores were posted, first a 6-pointer in Round 3, then a 7-pointer in Round 6. The meet average went up to 4.2 despite a zero in Round 2. Miami Vice has the playoffs event on September 8 on the team calendar, as well.

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