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Did You Know...

... that Belgium and France battled for the Fun Flag in Russia?

posted Aug 22nd, 2007 - Hayabusa Defence's Rounds 3 and 4 at the FAI World Cup 2007 have now been uploaded and are available on NSL-TV. The videos of the Belgian World Cup champions of 2007 come along with an update of the Fun Flag situation.

It has been quiet around the Fun Flag for a long time. The NSL News audience knew that the Fun Flag has been in Belgian possession after the comprehensive coverage of the World Meet 2006 in Germany and updates after the ESL Championship 2006 in Spa, Belgium.

Hayabusa Defence's Round 3 at the FAI World Cup 2007 - see video
The last mention came with the NSL News story on January 5 after a visit of the Canadian national team Evolution at the NSL office in DeLand. The Hayabusa members had stolen the Fun Flag from the Canadian team in Germany.

The Fun Flag has changed current ownership once again, and Hayabusa Defence member Roy Janssen provided the details of the current situation.

Hayabusa Defence's Round 4 at the FAI World Cup 2007 - see video
As you know, we stole the Fun Flag in Gera from the control tower that was located on the airfield. After coming back home we displayed the flag in the top of the hanger in Spa, Belgium. Once we went into the military service, we relocated the Fun Flag to our new team room in Schaffen, which is the military training center for skydiving.

The World Cup 2007 would be an ideal opportunity to raise the flag again and let other teams try to steal it. Of course, we wanted to have our own fun with the flag first, before somebody might take it away.

Fun Flag at the ESL Championship 2006
The idea was to let everybody know that we had the Fun Flag with us. And what better way to do this than showing it to everybody when getting in the buses from the hotel to the dropzone.

It was even more exciting since we were sleeping at ground level in front of the entrance of the hotel.

We hung the flag behind our window during the day, but we needed to stop with that because people were trying to get into our room. Especially the French delegation was trying hard to steal the flag.

Hayabusa with Fun Flag and French flag
We fought back and increased the excitementby by stealing the big French flag of the French delegationm which was flying outside on their balcony of the 8th floor. It took a daring climb to reach the French flag. Once it was in our good hands, we took some pictures of it and send them to the French 4-way team by cell phone. They were surely surprised that they lost their flag and that we still had the Fun Flag.

Next day we took the Fun Flag to the dropzone. We were trying to find a good and safe spot where it would not be too easy for anybody to steal it. So we hung it up nearby some Russian security guards who promised us not to give it away without resistance.

I guess they didn't know the value of the Fun Flag, unfortunately. It didn't take very long until the audience knew where the flag was, and the French team tried to get it right away.

French female line-up with the Fun Flag at the award ceremony of the World Cup 2007
A few of their own attempts failed. Then they sent some of their female 4-way members of the French delegation. They were able to get close enough when they pretended to take some photos only. Next moment the flag was gone.

I guess that the Russian security guards were not as good as we expected and hoped for! The Fun Flag is now in French possession, and they deserve it.

The French ladies brought the flag up to the podium and showed it proudly to the audience on site. The game will continue, and it's now up to the French team to let it fly at the next opportunity. We may try to steal it back...

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