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Did You Know...

... that Hayabusa's meet opener in Russia is now on NSL-TV?

posted Aug 13th, 2007 - The FAI World Cup 2007 champion, Belgium's Hayabusa Defence, generously provided the NSL News with additional information, which includes the videos of all ten rounds last week in Russia. NSL-TV has already uploaded the first video of Round 1, which is now available for the NSL audience.
Hayabusa Defence's Round 1 at the FAI World Cup 2007 - see video
image by: Danny Jacobs
The video shows the problems Hayabusa was dealing with in the first round of the meet. The Belgian team hardly made any completions of Block 8 (Canadian T - Canadian T) and lost quite some time with the efforts to close the second formation of the block.

The Hayabusa members knew very well that it was not a good start into the competition, as a brief mention at the Hayabusa website confirmed: "The judges scored the first round. We had some issues on that jump, but we came out with 19 points."

Gold medals for Hayabusa Defence
image by: Danny Jacobs
David Grauwels, Hayabusa's Center Outside, updated the website for the Hayabusa fans throughout the competition in Russia. The team knew that there was more behind the 19-pointer, which put the team already four points behind the first leader of the meet, the Russian Sky Panthers.

However, meet psychology does not allow a team to spend too much time with a bad previous competition jump. David Grauwels was not in the position by then to post any further comments of the Hayabusa performance in Round 1.

The situation was different when the meet was over and Hayabusa Defence had won the gold medals. It was much easier to look back at the problem areas, and Roy Janssen, Hayabusa's Tail, added insights of the Round 1 situation a few days after the conclusion of the competition:

Hayabusa visit in Moscow
image by: Danny Jacobs
"The first round wouldn't be the best for us, because we know that we still have some difficulties with Block 8 (Canadian T - Canadian T). We hoped for a score of 21 points, which we knew wouldn't be enough to keep up with the top teams. The 19 was surely disappointing for us. It felt like we already lost the connection with the Panthers and the French team. The Panthers were already four points ahead. So the only thing to do was look ahead and take each round, one by one."

This strategy worked well after the unfortunate first round. Hayabusa Defence already came back strongly with the sole highscore in Round 2. The 27-pointer was based on favorite engineering, as the NSL News had mentioned earlier during the meet. The next round will be uploaded very soon.

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