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Did You Know...

... that the new round of NSL-TV comes with a new design?

posted Jan 15th, 2005 - The NSL-TV carefully prepares for an extension of the program. The vision of a more comprehensive and entertaining on-line NSL-TV program has been a long-term project for the NSL headquarters. Creating colorful and diversified video files is time consuming and requires additional staff. However, competition jumps, interviews, comments, stories and more will eventually be shown on NSL-TV.

So far, NSL-TV included only the freefall footage of competition jumps. This time, the jumps are presented with more specific information of the event, the jump and the team. The size of the file has been reduced to the minimum that is necessary for internet purposes. Downloading or streaming will not take any longer than before. Feedback is welcome and can be sent directly to the NSL headquarters, or the future of NSL-TV can also be discussed in the NSL Forum.

Arizona Blade's round seven, see video
The NSL News collected enough information for updates of the DeLand Majik future and the ISL team Fastrax. Majik member Solly Williams answered NSL News questions, and team Fastrax provided a lot of interesting information when NSL News reporter met with the team at SkyVenture Orlando last week. Ole Petter Hjelle, team captain of the Norwegian national 4-way team, took the time to provide the NSL News with an update, as well. However, it will take some time to complete the stories, and the new round of NSL-TV will hopefully fill the gap.

Round seven of the NSL Championship 2004 can only be found in the NSL Archives. The NSL-TV 2005 page explains how to navigate successfully, with a note on the top of the page: "NSL-TV 2005 begins after the Valentine's Meet. You can still find the NSL-TV 2004 videos by navigating to: Archives > 2004 > Images > NSL TV".

Carolina Ice's round seven, see video
This round shows once again a world class performance by NSL Champion 2004, Arizona Blade. It is interesting to see how Blade's Center Outside, Thomas Hughes, heats up from page to page and increases the speed and energy of his moves, while the team follows this increasing pace. Hughes now switches into the role of alternate and videographer for his new team, DeLand Fire. Former DeLand Majik member Gary Smith takes his slot and will be the new piece partner for Natasha Montgomery.

Gary Smith can also be viewed in this round of NSL-TV. He is jumping in the Point position for Punky Fish. Smith was also the Point for DeLand Majik. However, he has plenty of experience as the Center Outside, which used to be his A slot with DeLand Equanimity, the South African national 4-way team that won the bronze medal at the world meet in 1997. Punky Fish also features Norway's Ole Petter Hjelle in the Tail position. The 24 points within working time is also a world class result for the international team.

GT Airlock's round seven, see video
The competition draw for the AA Class was identical with the AAA Class in round seven. Carolina Ice tied the lowest score of the AAA Class competition with 14 points. Optic Kurves had a bad exit and just managed to save the Satellite from funneling. It still became a very energetic jump for the other international team (Lise Aune, Arianna de Benedetti, Dr. Joel Shugar, Scott Keller). However, the bad exit was too costly and offered the Carolina AA Class team the opportunity to keep up.

The sequence for the A Class consisted of three random formations. The Georgia Skydiving League team GT Airlock showed off with a very clean performance and posted 14 points in time. GTA was two points behind the FSL team JAMMM from Lake Wales after six rounds. Things turned once again in this round when the Georgia team won five points over JAMMM with only nine points for the same sequence. The lead was now back in GTA's hands with three points. Enjoy the new NSL-TV show.

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