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Did You Know...

... that DeLand Majik won the first prize of the Shamrock's Skins Game?

Bev Suits
posted Apr 13th, 2005 - Round four of the FSL Shamnrock Showdown 2005 was the first round of the Skins Game. The first three rounds were used to determine the handicaps for each team, the first prizes were given to the winner of round four after handicap.
Island Grove
Bev Suits was the sponsor for the first round of the Skins Game, $150 cash and a 50% team discount for jump suits were on stake. Island Grove, a local manufacturer of marinades, dips, salad dressings, salsas, key lime juice, honey, steak sauces and hot sauces added some spice to the prize with a sample selection.

DeLand Majik had to use the early rounds to warm up and get familiar with the new line-up's meet performance. It was Majik's first competition with the new line-up ever since the gold medal success at the world meet in Croatia 2004. Round four happened to be Majik's first better round of the Shamrock Showdown.

Majik tied the score of the later overall winner, DeLand Fire, with 23 points. The Golden Knights had the highscore for this round with 25 points, however, the handicap after three rounds gave Majik a slight edge (25.12 - 24.48). This Majik performance happened at the right time and was rewarded with the first skin prizes of the meet.
Jamba's round four see video
Round four was the only one with identical sequences of the AA Class and the A Class. It happens quite regularly that sequences of the AAA Class and the AA Class are identical, as in rounds three and five of the Shamrock Showdown. Jamba (AA) and Zero Tolerance Miami (A) had the same sequence on the draw sheet (P-L-6).
Zero Tolerance Miami's round four see video
Both teams did not have direct competition in their classes. However, five other teams of the Southwest Skydiving League and the Georgia Skydiving League competed in the AA Class on the same weekend and with the same competition draw. Three additional teams competed in the A Class. Elsinore Alloy won the AA Class competition with a 10.0 average after six rounds. Jamba's 9.4 meet average took the third place in the nationwide competition that weekend. Zero Tolerance Miami came out on top of the four A Class teams with the 4.3 meet average at the Shamrock Showdown.
Zero Tolerance Miami at the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2005
Zero Tolerance Miami is a regular of the Florida Skydiving League and attended three FSL meets of the 2004 season. The team from the far south of Florida has a flexible line-up and includes Guido Marti who invented a mobile mockup, which has been used at several NSL events. ZeroT currently prepares for the upcoming FSL competition in Lake Wales where last year's A Class opponent FSC JAMMM/Wind Damage waits on its home turf for the Miami team's visit.

The upcoming meet weekend has the Southwest Skydiving League and the Florida Skydiving League with meets at Skydive Arizona and the Florida Skydiving Center on the event schedule. The European Skydiving League launches the 2005 season with its first competition in the United Kingdom.

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