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Did You Know...

... that Arcteryx' new team highscore is now available on NSL-TV?

posted May 7th, 2007 - Round 4 of the FSL April meet had the fastest sequence of the 6-round competition in Lake Wales (D-P-A-17). Arcteryx and Teiwaz did not miss this opportunity, and the Norwegian national team's 29-pointer became the highest score for a single round posted by the new line-up with Derek Broughton.
Norway Arcteryx' Round 4 at the FSL April meet - see video
The Arcteryx 2006 line-up posted its highest score at the World Meet 2006 in Round 2 (K-J-C-G-3) with 25 points. The highest scores with Derek Broughton so far were three 22-pointers at the Shamrock Showdown.

Teiwaz boosted the meet average with a 20-pointer, as well, and still left a few points behind. The video shows that a bad exit caused the Juan (Random Formation D) to open up widely, and it required extra flying time to close the gap.

Round 4 was the last round for the Norwegian 4-way team in FAI's female category. Valkyrie could complete only four of the six rounds since the flow of the meet was interrupted by a weather hold in the late morning. Some Valkyrie competitors had to move quickly from Lake Wales Airport to Orlando International Airport to catch the flight back home.

FSC Wind Damaged's Round 4 at the FSL April meet - see video
The Valkyrie scores at this year's first meet (13.3) were already on a higher level (12.6) compared to the 5-round competition at the World Meet 2006. Valkyrie did not take advantage of the scoring opportunity in Round 4 when a serious flaw did not allow the team's scoring average to be pushed to a significantly higher level.

The AA Class teams that weekend had a 5-point sequence in Round 4, as well. Block 7 (Side Buddies - Side Buddies) replaced Block 5 (Opal - Opal) of the Open Class sequence. FSC Wind Damaged and Carolina Fire tied the highscore for the round with 11-pointers. The FSC Wind Damaged video of Round 4 can now be viewed on NSL-TV.

ZT Mal4mations' Round 4 at the FSL April meet - see video
ZT Mal4mations was the only team that competed in the A Class on April 7. However, the A Class sequence of Round 4 (D-P-A) was identical with the sequence for the Rookie Class teams, and the Carolina Skydiving League had three teams competing in this competition class. The guest team Russian Roulette beat ZT Mal4mations 6-pointer by two points. The two other CASL Rookie Class teams each posted a 2-pointer for the same sequence of Round 4.
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