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Did You Know...

... that the NSL-TV camera surprised Mass Defiance in the team room?

Mass Defiance at the January camp in DeLand
posted Feb 9th, 2007 - New England Skydiving League team Mass Defiance made the NSL News last time on January 3. The meet videos of the team's performance at the USPA Nationals 2006 had been added to the NSL-TV coverage of the event. The article included an update of the Mass Defiance plans for the 2007 season and for the New England Skydiving League.

The 2007 plans included a winter camp in January 2007 in DeLand with the team's new head coach, Sinapsi PD member Pete Allum. Mass Defiance successfully completed the long weekend camp on January 26 - 28, and the NSL News used the opportunity to meet with the team and get a new update.

Mass Defiance debriefing
The NSL-TV camera surprised the team in the middle of a debriefing procedure and captured some scenes live in the team room. The Mass Defiance members did not mind the live coverage at all and commented for the NSL News. Coach Pete Allum was working with the team and added a few words. The video of the live interview can be viewed by clicking here.

One of the team's goals for the camp was the control of the Mass Defiance energy level. The NESL team had a very dynamic and energetic style in 2006, as the meet videos of the USPA Nationals 2006 show. Coach Pete Allum covered this area in January, and Mass Defiance provided the video of a training jump that was a part of the plan.

The team's Center Inside, Ben Liston, is also working on the 2007 plans of the New England Skydiving League. He finds support by his team members, and the whole team is looking for ways to manage the challenging combination of training, competitng and managing the NESL activities.

Mass Defiance training jump in January 2007 - see video
The schedule for the NESL meets and events in 2007 is still in the works and will be posted very soon. Mass Defiance is preparing a plan that will offer the team's experiences and knowledge to all skydivers in the New England Skydiving League region. The NSL News will follow with the details of the plan.
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