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Did You Know...

... that Perris Fury members are leading three different 8-way line-ups in Eloy?

Christy Frikken with Perris Moxie
posted Oct 25th, 2006 - There are a few other 8-way teams that were not just put together on competition site. Christy Frikken, Perris Fury's Outside Center, explained to the NSL News that there are three trained 8-way teams from Perris. They have been a part of Fury's 2006 project.

In fact, the Perris Fury members were not able to compete at some of the Southwest Skydiving League events since they took care of their player coach jobs with other 4-way teams, as well. Fury members recruited, organized and trained with these three 8-way teams.

Josh Hall with Perris Octagon
Josh Hall, Fury's Point, is in charge of Perris Octagon and has Mark Tennison, Bill Morrison, Michael James, Rya Navanagru, Steve Solomon and Mike Anderson in his line-up. Don Simmonds is filming the team, Kai Wolf is the alternate. Perris Octagon is battling with Lock It Up and Paraclete XP for the bronze medal position in the Open Class at the USPA Nationals 2006.

Christy Frikken organizes an all-female line-up with Kelly Middleton, Terry Seaworth, Amy Von Nowak, Andi McNew, Celeste Campo, Janna Wynn and Kirstin Johnson. Fury's team videographer Karen Lewis is filming Perris Moxie in the 8-way competition. Moxie is currently in 5th place.

Chris Farina with Perris 8-Track
The third 8-way team of the Fury project is organized by Chris Farina, Fury's Center Inside. His Perris 8-Track line-up with Bob Lievsay, Katie Pelland, Kristen Huard, Lynn Cooper, Marie Winther and Jen McGowan competes in the Intermediate Class of the 8-way event. George Katsoulis films the team, Andrea Curthoys is the alternate.

Christy Frikken said that these 8-way line-ups have been a great part of the Fury project: "A big part of our campaign is also 8-way. We had three very fun and succesful teams this year that are competing here right now." Perris Fury has plans for the 2007 season that reach even farther and promise more great competition for the Southwest Skydiving League.

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The Fury members have already created several 4-way teams for the SSL meets in 2006 and sometimes competed in two line-ups. Christy Frikken said that she enjoyed the days with 12 competition jumps: "It was just so awesome to do 12 competition rounds with various skill levels of people who had not been introduced to 4-way competition."

The 2006 season for Perris Fury will now be wrapped up with the 8-way fun for these three line-ups. The NSL News will soon follow up with the Fury plans for the 2007 season.

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