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Did You Know...

... that two FSL teams attended seven meets of the 2006 season so far?

posted Sep 27th, 2006 - NSL-TV began the coverage of the NSL Playoffs 2006 weekend with all competition jumps of the event in Colorado. The competition jumps of the Florida Skydiving League event have now been added to the NSL-TV page. Round one is currently featured, and links to all other meet jumps are already set, as well.

Three teams competed at the Florida Skydiving Center in Lake Wales and represented the Florida Skydiving Lague in three of the four competition classes.

Scores of the FSL September meet - see event page
Skydive City's A Class team attended its 7th meet of the 2006 season and finished as the busiest A Class team in the country and in the world. Skydive City's 2006 line-up consisted of Paul Bartkus (Tail), Carrie Bramlet (Point), Leslieann McCormack (Inside Center and Point), James Saine (Outside Center), Laura Song (Point) and Christine Freiherr (Center Inside).
Skydive City's round one at the NSL Playoffs 2006 event in Florida - see video
Christine Freiherr joined the team for the first time at the FSL September meet. Leslieann McCormack switched to the point position, while the new team member took the driver's seat as the center inside for Skydive City at this competition.
Skydive City's September line-up
Christine Freiherr has only a few hundred jumps total and had expressed her interest in 4-way to the other team members already earlier. Her opportunity came when other team members were not available on the playoffs weekend.

Her first competition experience was very successful. Skydive City's 8.5 average in Lake Wales was on the same scoring and performance level compared to the previous meets (6.3 - 6.7 - 8.8 - 8.8 - 9.2 - 8.7) of the 2006 season. The team from Zephyrhills completed the 2006 season with an 8.9 season average and still holds the second place in the NSL A Class Rankings.

Skydive City is now looking at the availability of the team members for the NSL Championship at SkyQuest 2006 and the chances to defeat last year's defending A Class champion, ZT Mal4mations. Skydive City dominated the competition with the team from Skydive Miami throughout the whole 2006 season and would be the favorite for the championship event in November.

FSC Wind Damaged completed the six rounds on home turf at the team's 5th competition of the 2006 season. The 7.8 average is exactly identical with the meet average at the team's last meet in July and at the FSL season opener in March.
FSC Wind Damaged's round one at the NSL Playoffs 2006 event in Florida - see video
FSC Wind Damaged, with Mike Green (Center Outside), Joel Kmetz (Center Inside), Mario Luppa (Tail), Martin McKerrell (Point), and Jerry Whittredge on camera has not given up on the big team goal yet. The 10.0 average is still in reach, and the team plans to peak at the right time. The NSL Championship will offer the last and the best opportunity of the 2006 season to have the magic average number on the scoreboard.
Teiwaz Lake Wales' round one at the NSL Playoffs 2006 event in Florida - see video
At the same time, the AAA Class team of the Florida Skydiving League, Teiwaz Lake Wales, continued to add personal record results to the team records. Several Teiwaz members of this year's line-ups had already posted new personal record averages earlier this year.
Bob and Kris Byrne
This time, it was Bob Byrne's turn to break the 15.0 average mark for the first time in a 10-round competition. The other three Teiwaz members of the September meet (Kris Byrne, Robert Chromy, Kurt Gaebel) had already scored a 15.7 average at the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2006 in March. Russian 4-way competitor Anton Kovalev (Synairgy) was the Center Outside for Teiwaz at the March meet in DeLand, which had offered a faster competition draw.

Teiwaz Lake Wales has attended each of the seven FSL meets this year and will also compete at the NSL Championship at SkyQuest 2006. The team will try to defend the NSL Shugar Cup, which has been in Teiwaz possession since the NSL Championship at SkyQuest 2005. The 16.0 average mark has now become the new target for the team. All members of the September meet will be available to go after the new goal in November. Teiwaz even considers making a few training jumps and spending some time in the SkyVenture Orlando tunnel...

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