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Did You Know...

... that the Rookie Class competition has become a major factor of the Carolina Skydiving League?

CASL Rookie Class team Fast Fockers
posted Jun 21st, 2006 - The Rookie Class competition continues to be a major factor in the 2006 season of the Carolina Skydiving League. Three of the four teams that competed last weekend attended each of the three CASL meets this year, and the competition is still as exciting as it has been so far.

Fast Fockers and Luckiest Guy in Raeford switched their positions once again after the four rounds at Carolina Sky Sports last weekend. Fast Fockers had won the first meet of the season in April over Luckiest Guy, and the Raeford team took the first place in the Rookie Class competition of the second CASL meet in May.

CASL Rookie Class team Luckiest Guy in Raeford
This time, Fast Fockers won the CASL meet again, and the team took the top spot of the whole Rookie Class leaderboard, as well. Seven teams total had signed up for the Rookie Class competition last weekend, including Whoops from the Netherlands and two teams from the New England Skydiving League.

CASL team PFFFFFT has not been able to keep the pace with Fast Fockers and Luckiest Guy at this year's CASL meets to date. However, meet by meet PFFFFFT has carefully improved the scoring average and moved closer to the two CASL Rookie Class leaders. Only a 0-pointer in the first round last weekend prevented PFFFFFT from finally catching up with Luckiest Guy in second place.

CASL Rookie Class team PFFFFT
Fast Focker's 7.0 meet average was the highest CASL result of the 2006 season. However, the Rookie Class competition in the Carolina Skydiving League will probably become a 3-team race for the top spot from here on. Last weekend's competition was also the first time this year that PFFFFFT handed down the last place of a meet's Rookie Class leaderboard to a newcomer. The 4-way Virgins joined the fun competition and will hopefully be back for more Rookie Class action of the Carolina Skydiving League at the remaining two meets.

Carolina Ice represented the Carolina Skydiving League in the AAA/Open FAI Class and improved the team's meet average from 10.5 in May to 11.7 last weekend. This result placed the CASL team in the middle of the international AAA Class leaderboard.

CASL Rookie Class team 4-way Virgins
The AA/Intermediate Class competition included two horse races, one for the first place between Crazy Ivan & the Crew and West Point, a new CASL team, the other one for the third place between Turbulence and Carolina Chaos. Crazy Ivan & the Crew ended up one single point ahead of the West Point team in first place with an 8.0 meet average. The race for the third place was even closer and ended with both teams tied at 38 points total.

CASL Director Randy Garman was the event judge and put the event management in the hands of Dan Winkelstein. He reported that the meet ran smoothly and was finished with enough time for the competitors to make a fun jump after the award ceremony.

Golden Knights videographer Larry Miller jumped all four rounds with PFFFFFT and filmed the last two rounds for Carolina Ice, as well. He won won the CASL award for the best meet videos. His team mates were busy filling in for the Army's Demo Team's duties and missed another CASL meet. Team captain Brian Krause thinks that his team will be able to compete at the USPA Nationals without problems, and he also hopes to compete as a guest team at the NSL Championship 2006.

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