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Did You Know...

... that Skydive City defended its top position in the A Class competition?

AAA/Open FAL Class winner Punky Fish
posted Jun 19th, 2006 - The scores of last weekend's international competition weekend are almost complete. Events took place at eight different locations, and the scores of seven meets are already posted. The Netherlands contributed 15 teams to the current total of 42 teams in the four competition classes and took the first places on the international leaderboard in the AAA/Open FAI Class (Punky Fish) and in the A Class (Mind Your Step).

Sweden saw the most exciting race over ten rounds between the two teams that were aiming at the slot as the Swedish national team for the World Meet 2006, and Team Spaï won by single point over Team 42. The meet stories of these two events in Europe will follow soon.

MASL team O2 Project
None of the US teams was able to keep up with Punky Fish and the two Swedish teams in the AAA/Open FAI Class. MASL team Cross Keys O2 Project finished in 4th place with a 13.2 average after six rounds and beat the FSL team Teiwaz Lake Wales (12.7) for the first time by three points.

Teiwaz was the only team competing in the AAA/Open FAI Class at Skydive DeLand, while O2 Project was in the same situation at the Cross Keys. However, teams know that the competition is not only live on site these days. There is great awareness of the inter-league and international competition that brings more excitement to each event.

FSL team Teiwaz Lake Wales
Teiwaz Lake Wales welcomed two new members to last weekend's line-up. Thiago Muradas from South Africa already competed with Optic Nerve and Last Second at the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2006. Teiwaz was the direct competition for him by then. This time, he joined the Teiwaz line-up and filled the Point position.

Jim Klinge trained and competed with Z-Hills team Phugoid (Ron Hill, Alan Brooks, Jim Klinge, Steve Johnson) in 2005 after he had moved from Texas to Florida. Phugoid had attended the FSL April meet last year (17.5) and finished in 7th place at the USPA Nationals 2005 with a 15.7 average.

FSL team FSC Wind Damaged
Bob Byrne and Thiago Muradas formed the front piece for last weekend's meet, while Jim Klinge and Kurt Gaebel shared the slots of the rear piece for three rounds in each position. The new Teiwaz line-up needed a few rounds to get familiar with each other and lost a total of six points due to infringements and video issues. However, the line-up enjoyed the meet, and the new members might re-appear at the next FSL meets.

FSC Wind Damaged was more successful than Teiwaz Lake Wales and finished in 2nd place on last weekend's leaderboard of the AA/Intermediate Class. The original 2006 line-up with Mike Green (Center Outside), Joel Kmetz (Center Inside), Mario Luppa (Tail), Martin McKerrell (Point), Jerry Whitledge (Video) continued with its scoring progression (7.2 - 8.2 - 8.7), while the quality of the team performance promises the first 10-point average to come soon.

FSL team Skydive City
Another MASL team finished ahead of the FSL team in this class, as well. Cross Keys Air Pollution took the 1st place with a 9.7 average. Ideal Cut of the Mideast Skydiving League finished in third place of eight teams, just one single point behind FSC Wind Damaged.

The A Class competition was mostly an international affair and very well attended with a total of 15 teams. However, FSL team Skydive City once again defended the A Class honors very strongly and shared the first place after six rounds with Mind Your Step from the Netherlands. The Dutch team continued and completed nine rounds at the Tomscat Trophy.

FSL team ZT Mal4mations
Skydive City with Paul Bartkus (Tail), Leslieann McCormack (Inside Center), James Saine (Outside Center) and Laura Song (Point) had already won the 1st place in the field of 14 teams at the May 20 meet weekend. Carrie Bramlet of the original line-up now returned to her Point position, and Skydive City ended up in the same top spot.

ZT Mal4mations from Skydive Miami had the team's strongest first half of a competition and was at a 5.3 average after three rounds. The hot Florida summer might have taken its toll in the remaining three rounds. ZT Mal4mations still finished with a 4.5 average after six rounds and aims at the first 5-point average later this year.

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