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Did You Know...

... that SSL-TV has now caught up with FSL-TV of the May 20 competition?

posted Jun 15th, 2006 - The third round of the Southwest Skydiving League's May meet is now on NSL-TV, and this brings the NSL-TV coverage of the SSL meet in Perris and the FSL teams back together on the same pace. The next round will see the teams of both leagues performing the same jumps.
Elsinore Gravity's round three at the May meet of the Southwest Skydiving League 2006 - see video
It was not really the same pace in both leagues that competed on May 20, at least not in the AAA/Open Class. Elsinore Gravity, with Lou Ascione (Inside Center), Melanie Curtis (Point), John Hamilton (Outside Center), Steven Simar (Tail) and Pat Newman (Video), was in its own league throughout the whole meet. None of the other 25 AAA/Open Class from eight different leagues teams that weekend was able to keep up with Elsinore Gravity's pace.
Perris Airkix' round three at the May meet of the Southwest Skydiving League 2006 - see video
Meet videos have only been provided by the the SSL and FSL teams, which took the three first places in the AAA/Open Class at the same time. Elsinore Gravity's 20-pointer for 11-E-7 was the highscore of the round. UK's Perris Airkix followed with a 17-pointer, and FSL team Teiwaz Lake Wales tied the third highest score of 16 points with the German team X-Ray Remscheid.

The Florida Skydiving League is already due for the next meet this weekend at Skydive DeLand, while Perris Airkix has even completed the team's next meet last weekend in Great Britain. One of the new Airkix meet videos was posted with yesterday's NSL News story.

Para Gone's' round three at the May meet of the Southwest Skydiving League 2006 - see video
SSL team Para Gone presents the sequence of round three for the AA/Intermediate Class on May 20, which was identical with the sequence of the AAA/Open Class competition (11-E-7). This offers the opportunity to compare the scores of teams in both classes directly.

There was an interesting mix of the scores this time, and several teams in the AA Class actually scored higher than teams in the AAA Class, as the leaderboard of the May 20 weekend shows. AA Class team Cross Keys Air Pollution with the team's 11-pointer would end up in 11th place out of the 26 teams teams in the AAA Class. A total of 46 teams performed the same sequence in round three.

Geritol's round three at the May meet of the Southwest Skydiving League 2006 - see video
The A Class race between the Perris Fury members and their line-ups ended up with a victory for Uli Steuwe's team Geritol in round three with an 8-pointer. Chris Farina with Half-a-Grip was second with 6 points, together with Josh Hall's Wunderkind. Christy Frikken with Perris No Idea ended up in third place with a 5-pointer. Aguila, the overall winner after six rounds, with Didier Beauvarlet, Bella Brown, Todd Graham, Julia Herrmann and Eugene Yamamoto, had the SSL highscore of round three with 9 points.
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