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Did You Know...

... that round one of the new SSL-TV shows very busy Perris Fury members?

UK team Perris AirKix
posted Jun 3rd, 2006 - The video footage of the Southwest Skydiving League's May meet has arrived, and NSL-TV did not hesitate to process and upload the first round Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, the videos of UK's national team in the Women's category, Perris AirKix, are the only ones missing. The different recording format, the European PAL system, was probably the obstacle.

However, the other jumps provide the overview of how the SSL teams performed in May, including the top scorer, Elsinore Gravity. It was not the greatest start into the competition for Lou Ascione (Inside Center), Melanie Curtis (Point), John Hamilton (Outside Center), Steven Simar (Tail) and Pat Newman (Video).

Elsinore Gravity's round one at the May meet of the Southwest Skydiving League 2006 - see video
Judy Celaya at the Malevsky Cup
Judy Celaya, one of the most experienced US judges who travels to the major international competitions on a regular basis, did not allow any flaw to remain undetected. The first Hammer of Block 13 (Hammer - Hammer) on the second page was incomplete and did not count as a scoring formation.

The first Hammer on the subterminal part of the jump, after the Phalanx as the exit formation, fell victim to the video angle, and both infringements reduced the score from 17 points within working time to 15 points on Judy Celaya's score sheet in Perris. Elsinore Gravity did not flinch and moved on to finish the meet with an impressive 18.2 average.

Sweet Spot's round one at the May meet of the Southwest Skydiving League 2006 - see video
Perris Fury
The other two AAA/Open Class teams, Rock Lobsters and Perris Tail Spin, were formed with help of the members of the local top team, Perris Fury. Uli Steuwe, Fury's Tail, coached Kate Cooper, Tony Domenico and Kenneth Gajda through the meet, with Lori Thomas on camera. The Rock Lobsters finished with an 11.0 average.

Perris Fury's Outside Center, Christy Frikken, was leading the line-up of Perris Tail Spin. Celeste Campo, Angie Kadsoulis, George Kadsoulis and Andi McNew completed the team. Uli Steuwe and Christy Frikken both were also lined up with two other teams in the A Class, and it was a very busy day for the Perris Fury members.

Aguila's round one at the May meet of the Southwest Skydiving League 2006 - see video
Uli Steuwe also competed with Craig Babb, Tom Brotherton and Judy Jarnigan for A Class team Geritol, with Bundy Taylor on camera. Christy Frikken was in direct competition with her team mate and lined up with Matthew Campisi, Kristen Huard and Joe Maso for Perris No Idea, with Brian Stroup on camera. Both teams ended up tied in second place of the A Class competition.

Chris Farina, the new Inside Center for Perris Fury 2006, was also busy working with two teams. His name appeared in the line-up of AA Class team Sweet Spot (Bob Lievsay, Jen McGowan, Kellie Middleton), and his second team was Half-a-Grip in the A Class (Jim Earman, Evelyn Sullivan, Kim Walker). Shazza Simonian filmed these two teams.

Elsinore Gravity
Only Josh Hall, Perris Fury's Point, had an easier competition day. He jumped with Wunderkind, which consisted of John Green, Dennis Theuns and Steffen Zink. Don Simonds filmed the team.

Perris Fury had made great efforts to recruit the local teams for the SSL May competition, and all team members were obviously much involved. It was a great opportunity for the teams to learn from members of one of the top 4-way teams in the country. Unfortunately, Perris Fury had to step back as a team to help forming the other line-ups. However, it is only a matter of time when Elsinore Gravity and Perris Fury will meet directly for the first 2006 showdown.

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