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Did You Know...

... that Gustavo Cabana has DVD's with the competition jumps from Croatia for sale?

Gustavo Cabana at work in Croatia
posted Nov 5th, 2004 - Gustavo Cabana from Argentine is a veteran freefall videographer. He has filmed at major events for many years, including the SkyQuest Florida events of the past years, where he provided his great services for BJ Worth's Kaleidoscope Dives.

Cabana was hired this year to organise and supervise the dubbing station at the World Championship of Formation Skydiving in Croatia. NSL News reporter in Croatia, Kurt Gaebel, was so lucky to run into Cabana when he was looking for a work station on site in Rijeka to provide the NSL News updates.

Staff at the dubbing station
Cabana was familiar with the facilities at the competition site and offered Gaebel a place in his dubbing station, right next to the perfect source for up-to-date information and moving pictures. The team videographers in Croatia were very cooperative and provided the NSL-TV with plenty of original footage when they were done with their dubbing for the judges. Cabana also shared his internet connection with Gaebel and made it possible for the valued NSL audience to follow the action in Croatia as close as possible.
DeLand Majik on NSL-TV from Croatia
Sharing the room with the Argentine video expert was not only a pleasure as of getting the work done efficiently. Cabana's staff also included a young Croatian couple, Branco and Marinella, who provided the whole work group with fresh Turkish coffee and home made Croatian specialties every morning. It was a very enjoyable working atmosphere in Cabana's dubbing station.
Gustavo Cabana organised and supervised the dubbing procedure on one hand, and he also used the opportunity to put together four DVD's of the competition jumps at the same time. He now offers these DVD's for sale:

Croatia's WPC Competition DVD's for sale:
FS 4, FS 4 Female, FS 8 and CF
All the dives of each event are straight; chapters are separated by rounds and the top 3 teams;
including some outside videoshoots; original sound; no music.
Each DVD will cost 40 Euros incl. shipping.
Contact me at:

Cabana will once again be filming the Kaleidoscope Dives at SkyQuest 2004. There is still enough time to get in touch with him before he will travel to Fantasy of Flight in Florida. He might be able to deliver the DVD at SkyQuest.

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