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Did You Know...

... that the Czech Republic already shows great scoring progression?

4-way competition in the Czech Republic
posted May 30th, 2006 - Last weekend's competition also included the first meet of the 2006 season in the Czech Republic. League Director Jan Klapka reported that the weather forecast sounded as bad as it was for Finland and Belgium. These two events were completely weathered out. However, the teams in the Czech Republic surprisingly completed all six rounds of the competition.

The results of the 15 teams from Denmark (9) and the Czech Republic (6) are already posted, and the complete leaderboard of all events last weekend only misses the scores of the Northern Plains Skydiving League. The six Czechian teams all competed in the AAA/Open Class competition.

Bad Boys
The results in the Czech Republic were impressive for the country's national standards. The NSL News covered the situation of 4-way competition in the European country with a story on April 20 for the first time. Visits of Czechian teams in Florida and their attendance at meets of the Florida Skydiving League this year related to the second season of the league in the Czech Republic and gave good reasons to learn more about the status of its 4-way competition.

League Director Jan Klapka, who is team member of the Bad Boys at the same time, mentioned that he aims at lifting up the quality of 4-way Formation Skydiving competition in his country and offer fun events for his teams. He seems to have achieved both goals already early this year.

National team Sky Service in 2006
Last year's league average of all teams at the three Czechian events was 5.4 and made up by most of the same teams that attended the first event of the 2006 season. The league's scoring average of all teams at last weekend's first competition was 7.8 after the six rounds of the meet.

The Czechian national 4-way team, Sky Service, posted the only meet average above 10.0 at the last meet in July 2005. Last weekend, two teams posted 10.8 and 10.7 averages after six rounds. Sky Service won the horse race with the Army team Dukla by one single point in the very last round and owns the new 6-round highscore of the Czech Republic.

PB Fire / Zero Team
Spiders, Bad Boys and PB Fire had another tight race for the 3rd place throughout the whole competition, and only the last round gave the Spiders the winning 3-point advantage.

Three of the teams visited Florida for team and wind tunnel training at SkyVenture Orlando this year, and two of them already had their team names on the SkyVenture Orlando scoreboard at the FSL meets. PB Fire is identical with Team Zero that attended the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2006 in DeLand.

Sky Service with player coach Robert Chromy in 2005
The same line-up competed in the AA Class in March (7.0) and posted a 6.5 average in the AAA/Open Class competition last weekend in the Czech Republic. The Bad Boys attended the April meet of the Florida Skydiving League in Lake Wales (6.0 AAA Class) and finished with a 6.7 average last weekend on home turf.

Sky Service also visited Florida for a training camp this year but could not attend any of the meets. Sky Service is the national team of the Czech Republic and will compete at the World Meet 2006 in Germany this year.

Each of these teams has been working with Czech born 4-way coach Robert Chromy at this year's training camps. Robert Chromy was also helping out as a player coach for Sky Service last year. He is currently preparing his next trip to Europe where he will continue his successful work with the Czechian teams.

Army team Dukla
The two top teams, Sky Service and Army team Dukla, were also able to keep up with most of the AAA Class teams from Denmark last weekend. In fact, SkyService took the 3rd place behind the DaneZ and Vitesse. Sky Service and Dukla both managed to finish ahead of the third Danish project team, the Elements.

The next league meet in the Czech Republic is scheduled for June 24 and coincides with meets in the neighbouring countries Austria and Germany, and also with the World Meet 2006 qualifyer in Belgium. The NSL has meets scheduled in the Northern Plains, the Midwest and the Blue Sky Ranch on the same weekend.

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