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Did You Know...

... that Belgium was weathered out and Denmark completed eight rounds?

Belgian Skydiving Trophy
posted May 27th, 2006 - Five competitions are listed on the NSL Calendar of Events for this weekend, four events in Europe and the second attempt of the Northern Plains Skydiving League to kick off the 2006 season. One European event has to be taken off the list already by now. There will be no scores coming from Belgium this weekend.

The Belgian Nationals 2006 and scond meet of the Belgian Skydiving Trophy have been completely weathered out, there was no competition at all in 4-way. The 8-way championship began today and has been on its way. This situation creates a problem for the Belgian top teams, including the reigning national team Spa Hayabusa.

Scores from Denmark
This weekend's championship was the qualification event for the World Meet 2006. There is no official Belgian national team at this point, and Spa Hayabusa is fully aware of this vage situation, as the team commented the weather situation:

"After already three days of rain and wind, we haven't jumped yet. It's terrible sitting at the Belgian Championship and doing nothing. Today, at around 2 pm, the 4-way competition will end, and they will start doing 8way. We've decided not to join, but we will go to Spa and have a training day on Sunday. It's not yet very clair who will go to Gera, that's something for the Belgian Federation to solve."

The weather situation was better in Denmark where the DaneZ attended the team's second competition of the 2006 season, the DFU Open. The conditions were not perfect, however, eight rounds were completed, and the scores are already posted. Additional meet information will follow soon.

The DaneZ, Denmark's current national 4-way team, finished the 8-round competition with a 17.0 average. The meet average was hurt by a serious exit funnel in round six, as team member Mikael Toft reported. It took the DaneZ 14 seconds to build the first scoring formation of Block 2.

This delay allowed the team in second place, Vitesse, to beat the national team by one point in this round. Vitesse in second place and Elements in third place are also the other two teams that participate in the Danish 4-way project. The NSL News had introduced this project with earlier stories.

The DaneZ confirmed a very strong performance level in all other rounds, and the NSL News will follow up with more event information from Denmark very soon.

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