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Did You Know...

... that the Rookie Class competition is hot again this year in Carolina?

Rookie Class team Luckiest Guy in Raeford
image by: Chad Wilcox
posted May 22nd, 2006 - The second meet of the Carolina Skydiving League 2006 season was held at Skydive Carolina in Chester SC on May 20, 2006. DZO Danny Smith and his efficient staff proved to be excellent hosts for the 11 teams that registered for the meet. The really fast Twinotter, provided by Fayard Enterprises, and the helpful manifest allowed us to complete four rounds between the weather systems.

After a 2-hour weather hold on Saturday morning, the 11 teams (1 AAA, 7 AA and 3 Rookie), completed four rounds before the meet was called when the thunderstorms returned in the afternoon. Carolina Ice received the CASL Meet Champion award with an average of 10.25 in the AAA Class. The AA Class winner was Raeford Fury (1st place) with an 8.8 meet average. Fox Force 4 followed in 2nd place with an 8.3 average, and Crazy Ivan & the Crew placed 3rd with a 7.3 average.

Rookie Class team Fast Fockers
image by: Chad Wilcox
The competition in the Rookie Class was very close with only one point between 1st and 2nd place. Pffffft placed 3rd. The Fast Fockers earned the 2nd place with 20 points, while Luckiest Guy in Raeford captured the gold medlas with 21 points. The CASL Rookie Class competition last weekend turned around the results of the first CASL meet this year.

Fast Fockers was far ahead of Luckiest Guy in Raeford (27 - 17) at the CASL April meet. Luckiest Guy improved the scoring average significantly and caught up with Fast Fockers in May to win the competition by one single point. Pffffft also improved the scoring from 1.3 to 2.3 average between the two meets this year. It seems as if the CASL Rookie Class competition will once again be exciting to watch.

Rookie Class team Pffffft
image by: Chad Wilcox
This was the first competition in 2006 for Carolina Ice who was last year's AA/Intermediate Class silver medalist at the USPA Nationals. Carolina Ice has moved up to the AAA/Open Class with a new line-up for this year: Jan Lane is the team captain. Joey Freeman, John Patton, Rhonda Wilcox and Chad Wilcox on camera complete the 2006 line-up. Ronda Wilcox competed with the team at this meet after a injury had sidelined her for over six weeks.

League sponsor Rigging Solutions provides a gift certificate to the winner of the Rookie Class competition at all of the CASL meets this year. Company representative Gus Marinho presented a 50% gift certificate to Fast Fockers, the winners at the Raeford meet in April. He also presented a gift certificate to Luckiest Guy in Raeford for winning the meet last weekend.

Sadly, this was the last meet for Raeford Fury. Keith and Yvette Walter along with Tater will be moving to Florida next week. They will be missed in the Carolina Skydiving League as both competitors and friends. The CASL wishes them well in their new home.

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