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Did You Know...

... that last weekend's results of the NSL SkyVenture Competition have been posted?

CaSL Introductory Class team Missing Slot
posted Jun 18th, 2004 - The meet weekend of June 12 had a total of 28 teams competing in the four different NSL competition classes. Four leagues had scheduled their events for that weekend. Most of the teams from Florida and Carolina had already competed earlier this year, while the Northern Plains introduced a few new teams, and the Virginia Parachute Council launched their 2004 season with the first meet in Suffolk.The results of the NSL SkyVenture Competition were calculated after five rounds in the AAA, AA and A Classes, while the Rookie/Introductory Class teams completed only four rounds in Carolina. The AAA and AA Classes qualified for 30-minute SkyVenture certificates with five or more teams signing up for each class that weekend. The A Class had only two teams competing in Florida for 10 minutes of free SkyVenture tunnel time.Five teams signed up for the Rookie/Introductory Class competition in Carolina. This class on the grass root level of Formation Skydiving competition has really taken off in Carolina this year, and also in other leagues. A total of 19 teams has already attended any NSL meets in the country. The Carolina Skydiving League alone hosts seven of these teams. Three of the CaSL Introductory Class teams completed their second meet of the 2004 season last weekend.
Jun 12th, 2004Rnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4Rnd 5AvgTotalSkyVentureSkyVenture
RankAAA Class 6-17-C16-B-A-9D-22-35-11-JG-15-K-19AvgTotalHandicapScore
1Sebastian TeiwazFSL161813131414.8741.1988.06    
2DeLand ScapeFSL172214161116.0801.0080.00    
3FSL All StarsFSL9117888.6431.7976.97    
4Windline LightningFSL7109888.4421.8176.02    
5Mind CrimeNPSL913108810.2611.5775.36    
6Fair ABBANPSL765555.8352.3164.68    
7Gang GreenNPSL687266.3382.0760.03    
RankAA Class 6-19B-A-9D-22-1314-11G-15-KAvgTotalHandicapScore
1Fox Force 4CaSL10147779.0451.5368.85    
3Fast ForwardNPSL7148658.3501.4357.20    
4Carolina IceCaSL1018971111.0551.0055.00    
7Suffolk PickupVPC9116898.6431.1750.31    
9Critical MassCaSL795355.8291.7049.30    
10West Point InnuendoVPC7105587.0351.3647.60    
11Where's TomCaSL6106366.2311.5347.43    
12West PointlessVPC5105666.4321.4546.40    
13Forced EntryVPC7106556.6331.3042.90    
RankA Class 6-19B-A-9D-24-7G-8AvgTotalHandicapScore
1FSC JAMMMFSL8107657.2361.0036.00    
2Zero Tolerance MiamiFSL277113.6181.2422.32    
RankRookie O-C-JB-A-FE-D-QO-K-LB-G-NAvgTotalHandicapScore
1Insane in the AirplaneCaSL1114158-12.0481.3162.88    
2Cult 45CaSL7665-6.0241.7040.80    
3It was ChadCaSL4799-7.2291.2536.25    
4Stuart was lateCaSL71098-8.5341.0034.00    
5Carolina CurvesCaSL8994-7.5301.0030.00    
SkyVenture Orlando
Even though the NSL SkyVenture Competition does not officially include the Rookie/Introductory Class, SkyVenture has always rewarded teams of this class with additional free tunnel time on meet weekends. Training and competition on grass root level has always been the area where SkyVenture could help very efficiently. SkyVenture has also supported the most improved teams. This mission resulted in the popular NSL SkyVenture competition. The only reason why the Rookie/Introductory Class has not been officially included in this fun game on meet weekends is the fact that the rules are not completely synchronized between all participating leagues.
Perris SkyVenture
The NSL affiliated leagues have agreed that it is beneficial to leave the rules flexible for this class. There are regional specifics that need to be considered and accommodated by each league separately. However, the last meet weekend made it easy for the NSL headquarters to reward this class better than ever before. The total of five teams qualifies any competition class for 30-minute SkyVenture certificates. These five teams all competed in the Carolina Skydiving League and thus applied the same rules. There is a good reason to reward the winner with a 30-minute SkyVenture certificate, the first one in the history of the Rookie/Introductory Class competition.
CaSL AA Class team Fox Force 4
Insane in the Airplane is the lucky team of the Carolina Skydiving League that will have the chance to use the 30 minutes of free tunnel time in Orlando or Perris. Both SkyVenture wind tunnels support the NSL SkyVenture Competition and accept the certificates. Insane consists of Richard Altan, Charles Grubbs, Angela Jones, Scott Mebust and Charles Oxrieder. The team almost doubled the meet average of their first 2004 competition last weekend (6.3 - 12.0) and left the rest of the field in the dust before and after handicap. Congratulations.Another team of the Carolina Skydiving League grabbed the 30-minute SkyVenture certificate in the AA Class competition. 14 teams were more than enough to qualify this class for the 30 minutes. The winner after handicap, Fox Force 4, competed already in the AA Class last year with a 7.2 season average (7.0 - 5.8 - 7.2 - 8.2 - 7.8) after attending all five meets of the CaSL 2004. Portia Hill, Brenda Kramer, Laura Kraus, Pam Riggs and Karen Wood on video are the 2004 line-up. Fox Force 4 opened the 2004 season with a 6.2 average at the first meet. The 9.0 meet average last weekend was a new team record and more than enough to run away with the first place in the NSL SkyVenture Competition. Carolina Ice posted the highest meet average with 11.0 before handicap, which was also a new team record. Ice is currently the clear leader in the nationwide rankings of the AA Class competition.
FSL AAA Class team Sebastian Teiwaz
DeLand Scape was the best AAA Class team before handicap last weekend. The 16.0 meet average at Skydive City was a great start of the 2004 season for the new FSL team with Pete Allum, Michael Biederman, Brian Johnson, Rusty Lewis and Ray Dutch on video. However, Sebastian Teiwaz attended the team's fourth meet of the 2004 season (15.4 - 14.3 - 13.6 - 14.8) and scored higher than the 2004 season average of 14.4 points. Windline Lightning and Gang Green, the other two AAA Class teams with previous 2004 scores, both scores below their season averages. Teiwaz took the first place after handicap and the 30-minute SkyVenture certificate of the AAA Class competition.The next meet weekend begins tomorrow. Nine NSL leagues and additional leagues of the European Skydiving League will compete together and use the same competition draw, which will be provided by the Dutch Handicap Cup this time. The draw will be posted tonight on the front page.
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