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Did You Know...

... that Spa Hayabusa's 45-pointer can now be viewed on NSL-TV?

posted May 15th, 2006 - The NSL News story on May 1 reported that the Belgian national 4-way team, Spa Hayabusa, had scored a 45-pointer at the season opener of the Belgian Skydiving Trophy 2006. The same story mentioned the plans of meet management and team to request FAI recognition as a new official 4-way world record.

The NSL News story on May 5 followed up on the event with more information after all scores were posted. Spa Hayabusa member Roy Janssen had provided details of the whole competition and also mentioned that the video of the jump will soon be available for NSL-TV.

First page of Spa Hayabusa's 45-pointer - see video
In the meantime, the NSL News studied the rules that relate to world records in Formation Skydiving competition. The story on May 10 provided insights of the specific part of the rules and evaluated the chances of Spa Hayabusa's 45-pointer to be recognized as a new 4-way world record.

Conclusion of the evaluation was that the chances were not too great. However, it was not unthinkable that the BST meet might find recognition as an event that is of the same value as a 4-way competition of the French Cup series (Coupe de France), which was accepted by the FAI in 2002 as a meet where a world record could be scored.

Second page of Spa Hayabusa's 45-pointer - see video
It seems as if the pursuit of the possible recognition of Spa Hayabusa's 45-pointer as an FAI world record has already ended, as Hayabusa's Roy Jenssen reported: "Unfortunately, our record jump was not approved because the event was not an FAI event of the first category, and it was also not the national championship."

The Spa Hayabusa members took it easy and were looking ahead: "Well, next time we may have more luck... and will go even faster, of course!" The Belgian team now provided the video of the jump, which can be viewed by clicking here. It is also posted together with the team's journal at the Spa Hayabusa website.

Third page of Spa Hayabusa's 45-pointer - see video
The news of the Spa Hayabusa performance found its way to other websites, as well. Team sponsor Performance Designs posted the basic information in the PD Zone. The same story sent the visitor to the first NSL News story for more information.

The video of the 45-pointer shows what Hayabusa member Roy Janssen was talking about in his first comments: "We lost a bit on the hill. I guess a 49-pointer was possible if we did a clean jump. We were busted on one video on the hill and one other bust. Unfortunately, we lost additional points on video..."

Spa Hayabusa news in the PD Zone
The NSL stop watch counted 47 points within working time. 45 points were posted on the scoreboard. Spa Hayabusa surely lost a few points on the hill due to a slow start into the jump, and a score of 49 points seems to be realistic for the potential highscore.

However, the Belgian team was probably also grateful that the judges accepted the formations and transitions on the whole first page, except one. The video shows that the pictures of the team fill only a very small part of the screen, and the viewer has to look very carefully to identify formations and transitions.

Doug Parks works with the team
There is no doubt that Spa Hayabusa completed 47 points within working time after a great performance. The main question is more how many points would be deducted at a 1st category even of the FAI/IPC. Spa Hayabusa will most likely represent Belgium at the World Meet 2006, and the FAI judges at the world meets always want to see "clearly presented" formations and maneuvers, which they are required to ask for by the current rules.

The NSL News audience can take the position of a judge and provide feedback of the Spa Hayabusa performance in the NSL Forum for this topic.

The Belgian team already completed another 80 training jumps after the BST competition, coached by reigning DeLand Majik world champion and current Fastrax member, Doug Park. Spa Hayabusa has one more training day scheduled before the Belgian Nationals 2006 on May 25-28. This event will be the official qualifyer for the World Meet 2006.

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