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Did You Know...

... that $100,000 are on stake at the Malevsky Cup 2005?

NSL News office at the Malevsky World Cup 2004
posted Feb 25th, 2005 - The NSL News served as the provider of scores, pictures, stories and meet videos at the IPC Anton Malevsky Memorial World Cup 2004 in Stupino, Russia. The Russian host was satisfied with the NSL News service and repeated the invitation for the 2005 event. The whole coverage of the Malevsky Cup 2004 can still be found in the NSL 2004 Archives.

The 2005 event promises even more and better competition in Russia. The NSL News already discussed possible improvements with the event management right after last year's conclusion of the competition. The Malevsky Cup was once again sanctioned as an official World Cup by the IPC.

Award ceremony at the Malevsky World Cup 2004
The 3rd FAI Anton Malevsky Memorial World Cup and European Championships 2005 in Stupino is scheduled for July 4 - 9, 2005. The event will include several disciplines: the Anton Malevsky Memorial World Cup and 6th Open European Championships in Formation Skydiving (4-way Open, 4-way Female, 8-way), the Anton Malevsky Memorial World Cup in Accuracy Landing, the Anton Malevsky Memorial World Cup in Artistic Disciplines and 2nd Open European Championships in Freeflying, and the 4th Open European Championships in Freestyle Skydiving and Skysurfing.

This is a significant upgrade of the event, which included only 4-way Formation Skydiving and Accuracy Competition in the past. The fans of Formation Skydiving competition can now expect world class 8-way competition in Russia, as well. Arizona Airspeed plans to travel to Stupino and meet the Russian world class 8-way teams on their home turf. The German 8-way team, 4th at the last world meet in Croatia, already confirmed its attendance, as well. The NSL News will follow with updates of registered teams.

DeLand Majik on the Malevsky World Cup stage in 2004
The Malevsky Cup has brought together the best teams in the world in the past years. The large purse of prize money helped to attract the top teams to make the trip. The total of $57,000 was on stake for the whole event in 2004. The first information bulletin for the 2005 event announces a total amount of $100,000 prize money. $39,000 are put aside for the Formation Skydiving events so far.

According to the IPC rules for World Cups, only four teams per nation will be eligible for medals and prizes. Several U.S. top teams plan to travel to Russia this summer, including the Airspeed 8-way with two 4-way line-ups, DeLand Majik, DeLand Fire, Team Fastrax. However, guest teams will be accepted, as well.

Triple-winner DeLand Majik in 2002
The host has arranged the aircraft for the Formation Skydiving competition once again according to the situation at the next world meet in Germany 2006, where Twinotters will be used. Both event planes, the LET L 410 and the Mi-8 helicopter, will have their doors on the left side.

The 4-way event at the Malevsky Cup 2004 was a mirror of the World Championship of Formation Skydiving in Croatia 2004. Both events had the same three teams in the same order in the first three positions: DeLand Majik - France Maubeuge - Russia SkyPanthers. The NSL News will follow up with more Malevsky Cup 2005 information soon.

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