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Did You Know...

... that Arizona Divewerkz offered serious competition for Elsinore Select?

posted Apr 13th, 2006 - Today's earlier NSL News story mentioned that the video footage of the second SSL 2006 meet last weekend at Skydive Arizona is already available. Meet director Bryan Burke e-mailed the scores to the NSL headquarters the day after the conclusion of the meet and sent a video tape to DeLand on Monday.
Elsinore Gravity's round one at the second SSL meet of the 2006 season - see video
Former Airspeed world champion and current Center Inside for Team Fastrax, Mark Kirkby, served as the event judge in Eloy. The first round of the competition has now been edited and uploaded and can be viewed on the NSL-TV page or in the scoring table of the event page.
Elsinore Select
Round 1 was one of the two slowest rounds of the competition (22-10-A), and Elsinore Gravity and Thunder both opened the meet with a 13-pointer as the highscore. Elsinore Select and AZ Divewerkz both posted 11 points for the same sequence in the AAA/Open Class competition.

Select, formerly known as Fastrax Select, has found a new home in Elsinore. The official USPA national team in the Women's Class for the World Meet 2006 has replaced Jacquelyn O'Bryan with Brianne Thompson in the inside center position for the 2006 season. Brianne Thompson competed with Element Perris throughout the 2005 season.

Arizona Divewerkz with Murel Addison (Outside Center), Blane Boynton (Point), Annie Peterson (Inside Center), Gordon Lindsay (Video) and the team's new tail, Cindy Nieves, surprised Elsinore Select and observers by keeping up with the more experienced AAA Class team.

Arizona Divewerkz
In fact, Arizona Divewerkz did not only keep up with Elsinore Select. Last year's USPA Intermediate Class bronze medalist tied Select's scores in the first round and won the second and third round. AZDW was still up by two points until round five stopped a perfect meet for AZDW.

However, Arizona Divewerkz still improved the 11.2 average of the first meet in February by 1.3 average points and finished the 6-round competition in Eloy with a 12.5 meet average. The NSL-TV videos of round five will show at a later time what happened to AZDW in round five.

The NSL News will follow up with more meet stories as soon as the next meet videos will be ready for NSL-TV. Stay tuned.

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