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Did You Know...

... that AZ Fourplay is ready to post new SSL scores this weekend?

AZ Fourplay 2006
posted Apr 6th, 2006 - The next NSL meet weekend is coming up, and three leagues will be playing at two locations in the USA, the same competition draw will also be used in Brazil. The Colorado Skydiving League will launch its 2006 season with the new CSL Director Travis Roth, while the Southwest Skydiving League competes for the second time this year in Eloy.

The field in Eloy will once again include team AZ Fourplay, which competed already at the SSL season opener in February. AZ Fourplay posted a 7.7 average at the Valentine's Meet and is eager to show progression already this weekend.

AZ Fourplay's Inside Center, Mike Hotz, confirmed for the NSL News that the team, which consists of Eric Forshee (Outside Center), Mike Hotz (Inside Center), Steve Iverson (Tail), Scott Pearsall (Point) and Mark Walck (Video), will definitely continue: "We plan to train all year and compete in as many of the SSL meets as possible to prepare for what we hope will be an impressive showing at Nationals this year."

Awards at the SSL Valentine's Meet 2006
The SSL team has trained between the Valentine's Meet and the upcoming competition as much as the weather allowed. The team was disappointed that training cound not be resumed right after the last meet: "We were supposed to train all that weekend, but the weather wasn't favorable. We were glad to be getting the much needed rain, yet disappointed because we were all looking forward to training."

The weather situation gave Mike Hotz the opportunity to provide the NSL News with additional team information. Eric Forshee, Steve Iverson and Scott Pearsall competed with the Arizona Desert Dawgs throughout the 2005 season. Earlier this year, Mike Hotz was trying to put together his own 4-way line-up. It did not work out as planned, as he explained:

"As luck would have it, our team managed to make three jumps on our first official day of training, and then we lost our point in a landing accident when he broke both heels in windy conditions. We continued searching for a motivated fourth, but had no luck."

AZ Desert Dawgs in 2005
Mike Hotz continued to make a lot of jumps and spent a lot of time in the wind tunnel to improve his own skills, as were his future team mates. He was getting comfortable flying the inside center position, which was exactly the position the Arizona Desert Dawgs were looking to fill.

The Dawgs and Mike Hotz got in touch and started talking about the open slot. Next they made a few jumps together and talked a bit more. Eventually, ADD officially offered the slot to Mike Hotz, which he proudly accepted. With a new member and a new season ahead, they decided to use a new team name, and now AZ Fourplay looks forward to a great 2006 season.

The Valentines Meet was the first competition for the new line-up, and AZ Fourplay had only four actual training days as a team. The whole team was very encouraged after the performance at the SSL Valentine's Meet 2006: "We had already improved the team average by two points from the previous year. We're energized by the stuff we did right, and we know what we need to work on. So I think there will be good things to see from us as the season gets in full swing."

SkyVenture Arizona in the AZ desert
Mike Hotz is the newcomer in the line-up. He did his first tandem jump on March 6, 2005. He was instantly addicted and signed up for a second tandem as soon as he got back on the ground. He started his AFF course the following weekend.

Exactly one year later, on March 6, 2006, he celebrated his 500th jump: "The 500-jump mark became a personal goal of mine as I watched my jump numbers heading that way through the end of last year. With all of those jumps, plenty of coaching and mentoring from all of the great skydivers at Skydive Arizona, and more than seven hours in the wind tunnel, I'm now more exited about skydiving than ever!"

The passion that Mike Hotz discovered early on for small-way formation skydiving makes his part of being a 4-way team member a perfect way to focus his drive and energy. He is also excited about the environment that he has found around his new sport and explained the reasons:

Mike Hotz
"Finally, I just want to pass along my thanks to everyone at the NSL! Seeing our names, photos, scores, and video on the NSL website, literally as the meet was happening, was incredibly satisfying, especially for a noobie in the sport like myself! It just makes it all seem that much more real, and it makes me genuinely feel like a part of the most incredible sport in the world."

Well, the NSL headquarters appreciates this kind of feedback, which is encouraging and motivating. Unfortunately, the NSL News will not be able to cover the upcoming SSL meet in Eloy live on site. However, SSL Director Erin Murphy is ready to provide the information after the meet that will make the NSL News next week. Stay tuned.

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