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Did You Know...

... that the Skins Game was once again a great success?

posted Mar 29th, 2006 - The previews of the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2006 included an article on March 13, which offered information of and the rules for this year's Skins Game. The FSL management and former DeLand Majik members were busy prior to the meet collecting prizes for winners of the rounds, and also for the overall winners.
Skins Game prizes for the overall winners
$2,425 cash and several valuable other prizes were given to the winning teams at the end of the 10-round meet. Teams that wanted to participate in the Skins Game had to complete all ten rounds to be eligible for the overall prizes for each competition class. The prizes per round were only available for the AAA/Open Class teams that completed ten rounds.
Sinapsi PD celebrates at the award ceremony of the Shamrock Showdown
Sinapsi PD received $800 cash for the 1st place in the AAA Class, which were sponsored by ($500) and Sun Path Products ($300). DeLand Fire received $300 cash from Performance Designs for the 2nd place, and Norway Arcteryx made $200 cash for the 3rd place, sponsored by the Roseborough Travel Agency in DeLand.

Last Second took the 1st place in the AA/Intermediate Class after ten rounds and collected $200 cash, sponsored by the DeLand Holiday Inn, 35% certificates for new gear and T-shirts from the Relative Workshop, plus a SkyVenture Orlando certificate for free tunnel time.

ZT Mal4mations with cash and the SkyVenture Orlando certificate
The 2nd place in the AA Class was rewarded with prizes, as well, due to the great participation with five competing teams. The CSC Sirens of the Midwest Skydiving League received $200 cash from Skydive DeLand and another SkyVenture Orlando certificate for free tunnel time. The Sirens were already one of the big 2005 winners with a total of 60 minutes of SkyVenture tunnel time in Orlando.

There was even money for the winner of the A Class competition. ZT Mal4mations completed the ten rounds of the meet, while Skydive City completed the meet after six rounds. The Miami team received $225 cash from Dr. Joel Shugar's Nature Coast EyeCare Institute and additional 15 minutes of free SkyVenture Orlando tunnel time.

The Skins Game with prizes for the winners of single rounds had the top teams dominating the first four rounds of the game. Rounds 1, 2 and 3 were used to determine the handicaps for the AAA Class teams. Round 4 was the first round where the handicap was applied. It was the round of the unofficial world record performance by DeLand Fire, and the 47-pointer beat all other teams before and after handicap. Fire received free team sets of NSL Gloves and NSL Hats, plus a certificate for free rooms at the DeLand Holiday Inn.

Skins Game prizes per round and after handicap
Round 5 is currently featured on NSL-TV. Sinapsi PD had a very strong comeback after losing five points to DeLand Fire in round four and dropping down to the second place. The Italian 20-pointer was the winner before and after handicap, as well, and added two free team jumps at Skydive DeLand and Holiday Inn room discounts to Sinapsi's prize collection.
Team Fastrax at the award ceremony
Finally, the clean and technically sophisticated performance of Team Fastrax in the first half of the meet was rewarded in round six. It was the only round of the meet where Fastrax scored higher than Norway's Arcteryx, and the 20-pointer was the winner after handicap. Fastrax won five $50 certificates sponsored by Alti-2 and Holiday Inn room discounts. It was a close race in this round. All eight AAA Class teams scores between 21.00 and 22.58 after handicap.

Round 7 was another round where the top teams could run away from the rest of the field due to a fast sequence. This time, Sinapsi PD was faster than DeLand Fire and won the $100 from Skydive DeLand for this round. However, it would be the last round where the top scorers were able to shake off the lower scoring teams, even after handicap.

DeLand Fire with NSL awards
The handicap was adjusted after each round. The meet average after the last completed round was the factor for the calculation of the handicap for the upcoming round. Round 8 had the Danez (20.14) and Teiwaz Lake Wales (20.79) competing closely for the prizes for this round.

Teiwaz took the $100 cash from Florida Gourmet Foods, along with a sample collection of the sauces and salsas, plus two free team jumps sponsored by Skydive DeLand.

Danez with Skins Game prizes
The Danez had already announced their upswing in round eight and continued with a very strong performance for the remaining two rounds of the meet. Both skins for rounds nine and ten went to the national team from Denmark. The Danez finished the meet with $150 cash and 50% discounts from Bev Suits for round nine. Additional $150 cash, plus helmet bags and T-shirts from Sky Systems USA completed the Danish prize collection.

The Skins Game of the Shamrock Showdown was once again a great success, and the same concept will surely be used for the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2007. Mark your calendars and plan the winter trip to the FSL season opener next year. NSL-TV is next.

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