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Did You Know...

... that scores from Georgia have been added to last weekend's results?

Georgia Skydiving League
posted Mar 26th, 2006 - The NSL News had mentioned before the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2006 that two other leagues had scheduled their first meets of the 2006 season, as well. Texas Skydiving League Director Ryan Smith had bad news after the weekend. The event at Skydive Spaceland was completely weathered out.

The weather situation was much better for the Roaming DZ Dublin Boogie, the season opener for the Georgia Skydiving League 2006. The scores have been posted at the GSL homepage, and GSL Director Doug Glover sent a meet report:

Vertical Relative Work
"Wow, what a great weekend at the Roaming DZ's 3rd annual Dublin boogie! This year we are starting off with a great new vibe!

The VRW and the RW events went great, I would recommend this to other leagues. We mixed up the RW and the VRW on the same aircraft, RW exited at standard 10500 feet, and the aircraft would go up to altitude with the VRW teams.

This worked out well and kept the calls going all day. I would like to say that we had a great turnout of RW teams, and the winning team with a 7.5 average is MP4 from Moss Point, in second place was, in 3rd place was Random Explosion, and of course thanks to our competitors of Friends in High Places for attending."

1Team Mandrin96653295.8
2Sebastian 553663204.0
The first GSL meet also included the first 2006 competition of the new Vertical Relative Work project. The creator of the event, Eric Deren, had already provided the NSL News with complete information earlier this year and then presented the concept of the new discipline at USPA's BOD meeting in Phoenix in February.

The NSL News plans to publish a comprehensive introduction of Vertical Relative Work (VRW) very soon and will discuss ways with the event organizers how to possibly include the innovative 4-way discipline in the NSL structure and network. Three VRW teams competed at the meet in Georgia, the scores are posted above.

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